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New Video Feed From January 6 Surfaces That Should Exonerate Many Defendants Accused of Forcibly Entering the US Capitol [VIDEO]

Many Democrats and other radical leftists have claimed that the two-and-a-half-hour riot that happened on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol building was an insurrection. No one I know supported the riot that broke out during the “Stop the Steal” mostly peaceful protest. It was not a good scene but there is no way on God’s blue and green earth that it was an insurrection. No one was there to take over the government. People were there to protest what they believed was the theft of the 2020 election, where the Democrats stole certain key battleground states by using election fraud tactics, mainly using mail-in ballots. The people were angry and frustrated because the social media platforms did the dirty work for the Democrats by censoring any speech about election irregularities and the misinformation news media went silent on the legislature hearings on the election took place in the key battleground states.

A tiny fraction of the protesters at the Capitol that day let the situation of the certification of the election, the finalization of the stolen election, if you will, get the better of them. Every conservative I know believes those people should be held accountable, but really held accountable and not thrown into the DC Gitmo jail system for over a year for a misdemeanor charge.

The majority of those accused of entering the building that day to go and take selfies and not cause destruction were said to have made a “forcible entrance” to the Capitol building and now we know in at least one case so far, that’s a lie.

Since that day, many have heard stories that Capitol police opened the doors for protesters to walk inside. The lying media rejected those arguments as conspiracy theories, but new video has surfaced that shows that Capitol police did in fact open the doors and let people inside.

We have to preface a couple of things first. The video is going to be used as evidence in court. The video was professionally edited without removing or altering any of the details of what happened. It was edited down for time. Nobody wants to sit in a courtroom and watch hours of video before you get to the parts in question. High-profile attorneys and legal experts are involved in this case, which should lend some credence to the fact that the video is on the up and up.

We make this preface because leftists are known to lie when this is done. Leftists say if the video was edited, then it means it was doctored and should not be trusted. Let me remind you that we are not talking about CNN and MSNBC doctoring videos the way they do to support whatever pre-conceived narratives they had prior to doing a story. This was professionally done with officers of the court involved.

The details in this video will help many of the people who were charged with forcibly entering the building by proving they did not.


In the video, Capitol police are seen opening up the upper west terrace doors of the Capitol building. No one is forcing their way in. There is no violence going on outside the building, at least none that can be seen that Democrats could say encouraged officers to open the doors. It just didn’t happen. When you watch the video, any judge who is honest and takes the law seriously must drop all charges on these people that say they forcibly entered the building.

The video also leads us to wonder about some other charges, like breaking and entering, trespassing, and being in a restricted area, etc. If police invited people inside the building by opening the doors and then not trying to block them from entering, only to have the people charged later on, that’s called entrapment.

Now you know why Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol police refused to release thousands of hours of video that was taken that day. How many more video clips show the Democrats have lied about what really happened? How many video feeds will exonerate the people Democrats have used to push their lying narrative that a bunch of white supremacists were incited to riot by former President Donald Trump?

This video is going to be presented as evidence for the trials of Patrick Montgomery and Brady Knowlton. The two have been charged with felony “Obstruction of an Official Proceeding,” and this new video evidence could cause problems with the prosecution’s case.

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has said that because it will be incredibly difficult to prove intent of forcibly entering the building when the accused was welcomed into the building is why he thinks the charges in both cases should be dropped, saying “in the very least, the video shows that a reasonable person could believe that he or she was not being stopped or prevented from going in.”

The law professor went on to mention Supreme Court cases where defendants were just doing what the police ordered them to do. One example Dershowitz gave was a police officer who was directing traffic at an intersection with a traffic light. If the officer tells the driver to move through the intersection, any judge or jury would understand that the driver did not run the red light.

That’s a fairly easy example, but the same thing applies to the January 6 video. People can not be charged with forcible entry when police officers open up the doors, step aside, and watch as people enter the building.

The scuttlebutt is saying that many of the cases where people were charged with forcible entry or obstruction charges are people who were allowed into the building by police officers who actively let them inside.

The Democrats have been arguing that Trump told them to breach the building and riot, which is an absurdity because we all know that his actual words were to tell the people at the rally to go march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol to let their voices be heard.

Nearly everything you have heard from Democr0ats and the misinformation news media was a dramatization of what really happened. In other words, you’ve been fed a bunch of lies added on to what really happened. And what really happened was the protest became chaotic and organically got out of control for a small number of the people present.

On top of that, there is the question of FBI agents and/or informants among the protesters who were egging people on to breach the building. The story of Ray Epps comes to mind where there are multiple videos of him wearing a MAGA hat telling people to go inside the building and start some trouble. Ray Epps, many have argued, was working as a plant for the FBI. Pelosi’s January 6 committee claims to have interviewed Epps and cleared him, but no one has ever gotten any details at all about the interview.

This explanation seems more plausible after we discovered the so-called kidnapping attempt of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer had more FBI agents in the group of would-be kidnappers posing as kidnappers than the kidnappers themselves. It was also revealed that the FBI gave drugs to the kidnappers who were not FBI agents before secretly recording them.

It doesn’t matter what side of the political aisle you are on. Evidence is there that something fishy is going on with respect to the January 6 defendants and I for one do not trust the Democrats as far as I can throw them. Let’s hope these two defendants get an honest judge.

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