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New Report Shows Detroit Used Defective Ballot Boxes In 2020 Election Despite Warning: “Not Approved for Use as a Ballot Container”

You could knock me over with a bulldozer. Possible voter fraud in Detroit? Say it ain’t so, Joe. Apparently, they used ballot boxes that are marked “Not Approved for Use as a Ballot Container”.

When they were tested, they could stick their hand into the box from the back and that would allow them to either add votes or remove votes as they wish. And they used the boxes even though they were marked not to use.

This, of course, is Detroit. The same counting center where Republican poll watchers were threatened, bullied and intimidated. Independent poll watchers were also treated in the dame fashion. The same counting center where an unmarked van delivered over 50 boxes of votes at 3:30 AM the day after election day. At the time President Trump had a huge lead of the walking dead candidate.

The thing is that after the 2016 election where Trump won Michigan, his popularity jumped by leaps and bounds. Trump drew huge crowds while Biden did not visit the state at all. Trump voters stood in line for up to a mile to vote. A car rally for Trump stretched out for six miles. A boat rally was huge. So, how did he lose?

Curiously, Biden was able to erase a huge lead by Trump the day after the election just like what happened in all of the swing states. One drop had 140,000 votes for Joe Biden and not a single vote for Trump. I would think that would be impossible in a deep blue state and is suspicious when it happens in a swing state.

From The Gateway Pundit

Here is Part I in a series of stunning reports from MC4EI:

The Detroit Department of Elections, under the authority of City Clerk Janice Winfrey, allegedly used defective ballot boxes in the November 2020 elections.

This was reported to both legal counsels at the Wayne County Board of Canvassers and the Senate Oversight Committee, which recommended an investigation by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General. But none appears to have occurred, despite the fact that, under Michigan law, if a clerk is found guilty of using an unapproved ballot container in an election, it is a misdemeanor crime punishable by up to 90 days in jail.

The following is an excerpt from a soon-to-be-released report by Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity (, entitled “TCF Timeline: the 2020 Detroit General Election”:

Both Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chair, Monica Palmer and her fellow GOP canvasser, Bill Hartmann, had been to the DOE (Detroit Department of Elections) in January before the elections to examine and approve 50 new ballot boxes (metal transfer cases in which ballots are stored from the election through the canvass). While there, Hartmann noticed the back end of one of the boxes caved in when he pressed against it. The spot welds attaching the back end or “back beam” to the frame had failed. “Where the seams are you could shove papers right through the back of them,” Palmer told a Senate Committee. Concerned, Hartmann decided to test the others. Soon the canvassers were going from box to box reaching inside and giving a good “slap” on the back end from the inside out. Hartman recalled dozens of boxes failed this simple test.


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