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New Poll Reveals Most and Least Popular Politicians in US

That sums it up!

When it comes to politicians in our country, it is always helpful to have a good understanding of who the people like the most and who they dislike the most.

According to a new survey conducted by Harvard CAPS Harris, there are some people on the list who might just surprise you. I think that the most of us could probably name a few people to go on each list, but I think there are some people on the list who might just surprise you. I must say that I was taken aback.

When we begin with the politicians who have the highest approval ratings, we find that President Trump is at the top of the list with 42 percent of registered voters having a positive opinion of him.

Now, if you would have asked me who I thought was in second place behind him, I would have said Ron DeSantis, but sadly, I would have been wrong. Believe it or not, according to this poll, the politicians who comes in right behind President Trump is the “Democratic Socialist” himself, Bernie Sanders with 40%. I was shocked by that.

The third place politician is honestly just as surprising. Former Vice President Mike Pence is right behind Bernie with 39% favorability.

Now, here is an odd number. Again, according to this poll, 50% of registered voters give President Trump a disapproval rating, which happens to be tied with Kamala Harris.

I think some of these numbers are way off. I don’t think that Kamala Harris even has that low of a disapproval rating. I would venture to guess that it would be more about 70-80%, not 50%.

The least favorable politician is the Speaker of the House herself, Nasty Nancy Pelosi who came in at 57% disapproval rating. That means that Joe Biden is not the least favorable politician in this country, at least, according to this poll which as I said seems to be inaccurate. Joe Biden had a 54% rating for unfavorability.

Now, there are some others on this list that you could argue are more unfavorable, but the problem is that there are some who have really low favorable numbers, and lower unfavorable numbers as well, but a larger number of voters who have no opinion or don’t know who they are.

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