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New Poll: Majority of Voters Believe the Media Hid Important Election Information From the Public

One month before the Presidential election, a group of attorneys, independent media and social media posters reported on information that was critical for voters to investigate to make an informed decision in the 2020 Presidential election between President Donald J. Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, that being stories about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, and what alleges family involvement with foreign business deals and entanglements with foreign governments.

However, people who reported on the information were censored and the information was suppressed. So many people never had the opportunity to evaluate the information.

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that the majority of people noticed that the media was suppressing the information.

“A majority of voters say the media intentionally buried The Post’s October bombshell about Hunter Biden’s laptop to help his father Joe Biden’s political campaign, a Rasmussen Reports poll showed Tuesday,” Rasmussen posted on Friday, with a link to a New York Post story. 

According to the New York Post story:

“Covering for the Biden family by trying to suppress rather than report on The Post’s scoops may prove expensive for a host of US media institutions — especially the privileged social-media companies.

A majority of voters say the media intentionally buried The Post’s October bombshell about Hunter Biden’s laptop to help his father Joe Biden’s political campaign, a Rasmussen Reports poll showed Tuesday.

The poll found 52 percent of likely voters believe media companies provided scant coverage of the laptop story — which shed light on Hunter’s Ukrainian and Chinese business activities and suggested Joe Biden knew about them, despite his denials — in order to boost Biden’s prospects in the election, then a few weeks off. Only 32 percent disagreed.” (Please visit the New York Post for their full article)

The New York Post was the major news outlet carrying the stories, and they were censored by Twitter for two weeks while being denied access to their account, and on Facebook, as censors shut down articles on the topic with “Fact Checkers” to deny voters an opportunity to read the information for themselves.

Recently Hunter Biden admitted he is, in fact, under investigation; however, his father, Joe Biden, insists he has “done nothing wrong,” and public agreement is that if Joe Biden is sworn in as President of the United States, there will never be any conséquences for Hunter Biden’s alleged actions selling influence to Joe Biden.

“Now that Hunter Biden has acknowledged publicly that he is under criminal investigation for tax evasion, many major news organizations like the New York Times and CNN are covering his questionable overseas business dealings, first reported several weeks before Election Day by the New York Post,” Rasmussen reported.

“Seventy percent (70%) of voters say they have been closely following news reports about Hunter Biden’s business dealings, with 38% who have been following Very Closely.

Among those who have been following Very Closely, 76% say the media deliberately ignored the story before Election Day to help Joe Biden, and 72% think the president-elect is likely to have been consulted about and perhaps profited from his son’s overseas dealings.” (Visit Rasmussen for their full report)

I covered the story on Friday of how CNN had, in fact, ignored the October stories about Hunter in favor of covering a “sweet 16” Birthday Party because it was a “super spreader event,” and how they worked from the inside to burry stories that were unkind to Joe Biden.

Project Veritas published undercover footage of a staff call from October that showed the tactics and proved what a majority of Voters told Rasmussen.

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