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New Jersey Is First State to Pay Out MILLIONS Over Nursing Home COVID Deaths

Several states made the idiotic move to move COVID-positive patients in homes where the most vulnerable live. Well, it’s not the states that were the idiots, it was the governors. As a result, thousands died. New Jersey has become the first state to settle over the egregious error. They have agreed to pay out $53 million dollars for the 100 veterans who died.

Several Democrat-run states, including New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California, had a policy not to turn away patients who had COVID and as a result, tens of thousands died. At least 15,000 in New York alone. It is not known at this time if any other states are working on settlements or if they are still insisting their policy did not kill people. I’m pretty sure Michigan falls into the latter Gretchen Whitmer des not ever own up to her mistakes.

Each of the families will receive an average of $445,000, to be determined in future arbitration proceedings, an administration official confirmed to

The official said:

“The families of those who have lost their lives to COVID-19 have gone through so much. This settlement will hopefully allow them to move forward without years of protracted and uncertain litigation.”

The striking number of deaths prompted a federal civil rights investigation by the Department of Justice, under President Trump. The DOJ sent Gov Murphy of New Jersey that they had concerns about the policy they observed early in the pandemic.

From The NY Post

At the two veterans homes, managers pushed back against mask-wearing for ambulance crews that transported patients, and forced one worker to go home because he wasn’t allowed to wear a mask, according to emails obtained by

According to the terms of the settlement, which was obtained by, New Jersey will pay 60%, roughly $31.7 million, within 90 days of the court’s receipt of all “closing papers” from plaintiffs in the case.

Attorney Paul M. da Costa of Roseland, who represented a number of families who filed suit against the state, said that the out-of-court settlement avoids years of ongoing litigation.

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