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New Hampshire Senate Votes 24-0 to Force the State to Perform Audit of Windham, New Hampshire November 3rd Elections

A hand recount in Windham, New Hampshire showed that about 6% or 300 votes were removed from all four Republicans on the ballot. Many other counties in the state use the same technology Windham did.

An audit of Windham would include checking the voting machines in an effort to find out if the machines caused the problem or if someone tinkered with the machines.

The state Senate voted on the audit and as a result, they voted 24 to 0 to audit the election in Windham. Think about that a second. Every single Democrat who voted, voted for the audit, which I find very refreshing.

Democrats in other parts of the country would have tried to kill the bill. The bill now goes to the House and if approved will go to the desk of their Republican governor, Chris Sununu, son of John Sununu.

The question will become, will they then begin checking all of the districts that use the same machines owned by Dominion Voting?

If the same problem exists through the state it could mean overturning elections where the votes were close or it could just be confined to Windham but we need to know.

We have to assure that in future elections this never happens again.

Ken Eyring at Granite Grok reported:

The din behind the largest discrepancy regarding an election recount is growing… And We, the People are being heard.  The “Windham Incident” has brought people together from all political ideologies… and it is amazing.

Last week, the Senate passed an amendment to Senate Bill SB43 that was championed by Senator Bob Giuda.  The amendment replaced the entire text of SB43 with language that would FORCE the state to perform an audit on the Windham State Rep race on November 3, 2020.

It passed 24-0.  Let that sink in!  24-0!  That is quite a statement that reflects our desire to have accurate elections. The House will pick up the baton this week – and I’m hopeful that it flies through.

The Windham Board of Selectmen have been on board requesting an investigation regarding what the heck happened since the beginning of the debacle – and tomorrow they have an agenda item to discuss the situation further.

Please make a statement and join the meeting. You don’t have to talk, just being there says it all… that you care about our Republic, and that you will not sit idly by while our state government officials do nothing.  Your presence will speak volumes!

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