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New Hampshire Says Mistakes in Vote Tabulations are not ‘Fraud’, Just Mistakes when State Called for Biden went to Trump

Voter Tabulations that appear to give Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden a victory are being reevaluated in about 9 or 10 states at the current time, including the state of New Hampshire, where media networks called the state early for Democrat Joe Biden and gave him a sweeping victory there, which in the end was completely unfounded, but helped the left set their narrative that Biden was the logical winner.

Except the whole thing was wrong, and Democrats and their media allies are not really that embarrassed by their terrible mistake.

“THERE IS NO evidence of widespread voter fraud in New Hampshire. It is also true that nearly every election recount “finds” votes,” Kevin Landrigan, from the Union Leader, wrote.

In other words, finding lost votes that were not tabulated for the correct candidate is not fraud, it is no one’s fault apparently, it is just bad luck or something.

Landrigan goes on to write, “Many of these votes surface when both sides agree on the intent of a voter. That means they agree to count the vote of a person who didn’t exactly follow the proper instructions, which kept a machine from counting it.

Another common error is data entry, which involves an election worker entering a number on the vote total summary sheet that doesn’t match the number that should have been reported.

That’s what appears to have happened in Merrimack in Executive Council District 5.

After the election, local officials reported totals for Milford Republican David Wheeler and Nashua Democratic Councilor Debora Pignatelli, which Secretary of State Bill Gardner’s staff posted online.”

It is unclear exactly what the rationalization is for diminishing the importance of counting every legal vote is, in New Hampshire, but the message is clearly there that to the Union Leader, it just is not that important.

November elections in New Hampshire handed victories to Republicans and caused the Democrat to lose their majority, joining the State with what appeared to be a nationwide movement and trending toward Republican candidates, adding to the suspicion over how the Presidential election would have gone to the Democrat.

New Hampshire actually flipped their house from Democrat to Republican.

Something clearly happened in New Hampshire. Further analysis shows a remarkable shift in voting preferences from the electorate from 2012 to 2020:

The New Hampshire flip is an exciting development for election watchers, because it signifies a deeper failure by the formerly very powerful Democrat campaign machines like former Attorney General and Community Organizer Eric Holder, who are accustomed to brazen victories against Republicans.

This time it is they who fell short in 2020:

Biden came in 5th place in New Hampshire in New Hampshire, yet the media allies of the Democrats were eager to call that state for him, setting up Biden for an opportunity to call himself “President-elect” and the local media in New Hampshire want you to believe that after the wealthy organizing machine of the left concentrated on important state races, nothing happened but some minor errors intabulations.

Business Insider may actually have been prophetic when they said Biden was done:

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