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New Federal Lawsuit Seeks to Throw out 1.2 Million Votes in Michigan, Flipping the State for Trump

A lawsuit filed in Michigan by four voters is seeking to have the ballots tossed out in three major Democratic strongholds. There are 1.2 million votes from those counties which Biden won by a margin of 2 to 1. They claim their votes are disenfranchised because of the massive voter fraud.

They are suing based on the First and Fourteenth Amendments. They are claiming several reasons why they feel voter fraud swung the election.

“Issues with transparency, fraudulent changing of dates, a software glitch, clerical errors, illegal votes, and many other issues and irregularities.”

The three affected counties are Wayne, Ingham, and Washtenaw counties.

The lawsuit, filed by four voters in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, seeks to toss out ballots in three Democratic strongholds — Wayne, Ingham, and Washtenaw counties — over allegations of voter fraud, according to Michigan Live.

More from Michigan Live:

Plaintiffs also cite ongoing investigations launched by the Michigan Legislature and a variety of other claims that have been debunked. The allegations include charges of Republican ballot challengers being harassed and illegal tampering with ballots.

Plaintiffs conclude that “this evidence suffices to place in doubt the November 3 presidential election results in identified counties and/or the state as a whole.” However, the group of voters also claims to have additional evidence of illegal ballots being included in unofficial results, based on “expert reports” and data analysis.

I do not believe any judge will throw the three counties out over possible voter fraud. Although lawsuits have been tossed out, those cases will have to be decided by the Supreme Court.

There have been many questionable votes. One group is calling 1.25 million voters to find out if they actually voted or authorized anyone to vote for them.

They have already contacted people who are on the voter roll but swear they did not vote.

There have been documented cases of a large number of the dead voting and many where the alleged voter now lives in another state and is no longer eligible to vote.

Democrats will not allow observers and many other suspicious happenings such as large vote dumps.

Do not look for any of this to be over soon. This could be playing out past January 20th. It will be winding its way through the courts until it gets to SCOTUS.

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