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New EVIDENCE Supports Allegations of Ilhan Omar’s ‘Extensive Spree’ of Felonies

As is par for the course, the lamestream media is looking the other way despite a mountain of evidence that Ilhan Omar has committed many crimes both in coming here and the things she has done since she has been here. But, one man who doesn’t look the other way is investigative journalist David Steinberg.

Steinberg who has worked long and hard on this story was on with Glenn Beck and laid out the multitude of crimes she has committed without any consequences. And there are many crimes to document.

Steinberg said:

“It’s over. There’s really nothing left. It’s all … the publicly available documentation that anyone would need to be convinced that, for eight years, [Omar] married her brother to commit immigration fraud.

And this marriage fraud also was in the service of education fraud/student loan fraud. And along the line, we have evidence, that she filed at least two years of fraudulent tax returns, possibly eight [years].

We have evidence that she perjured herself eight times during her 2017 divorce from this man. And along the way, of course, we know she was living in public housing. We also know she was likely receiving subsidized child care.”

She is a historic legislator though. As far as we know, she is the first member of congress to have ever been married to their biological brother. She has openly committed tax fraud at least twice and as many as eight times.

She went to college on the taxpayer’s dime along with her brother. If you or I would have committed just 1/3 of the crimes she has they would lock us up and throw away the key.

Steinberg told Beck that he now has an airtight case against Omar, some of it it all in public records that would be impossible for her to deny. Of course, she has never denied any of this. She just refuses to talk about it.

I understand why she takes that position but what about ICE, various government agencies including the IRS take the same position.

If she is innocent, she should have the leeway to do just that and clear her name, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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