Democrats introduced a campaign finance and ethics reform package.
Because President Trump will not release his tax returns, or he has been counseled not to, the Democrats are trying to pass legislation to force him to release them. So while showing your tax returns isn’t something Presidential candidates must do the Democrats are using their legislative power to make it happen. “The massive proposal, known as “The For the People Act” and designated as “House Resolution 1,” also includes dozens of measures from Democrats on ethics and campaign finance reform, voting rights and election security. It would also require presidential and vice presidential candidates to release 10 years of their personal tax returns and require sitting presidents and vice presidents to do the same.” Nancy continues, “It’s important for what it does, it’s important for the confidence it gives people that their voices, their concerns, are heard,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday at a news conference unveiling the legislation.” If this is really on ethics, and it is supposed to give people confidence in people they elect, shouldn’t this be extended to ALL our government representatives? There is a huge difference when a private citizen runs for public office versus a lifetime politician. Would citizens be more interested in seeing the taxes of politicians who are earning their money from the citizens of America? I would think so. Perhaps this bill should include:
  • Term limits for representatives. The president already has term limits.
  • All representatives show their tax returns while in office and being paid by tax dollars.
  • A committee to ensure all investigations are fair.
  • That the party not in power works with the American elected President in a professional and cooperative manner.
  • Encourage all representatives to put their assets in a blind trust.
If you disagree with this legislation it’s time to MAKE your voice heard. What can you do?
  • Call and/or email your representatives and let them know what you think. https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials/
  • Blast social media with what is happening and your position.
  • Research and vote for candidates that represent your values.
UAF Contributor: Marie Penetranti Source: New Democratic bill would require 10 years of presidential tax returns