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Never Ending Madness: Ms. Green M&M Will Wear Sneakers So No One Thinks Of White Women In Go-Go Boots

We have all heard the stories about the Rock and Roll star who wanted only jars of green M&Ms in his green room- because Green M&Ms had super extra powers that Rock and Roll star like to have after their show- right? Well, those days are over.

The M&M company said the new look for the green candy piece, who once wore white go-go boots, is part of its “global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive,” so hopefully, everyone will start to feel a little better and start healing.

Green M7M’s go-go boots were traded in for sneakers- and perhaps a reminder to get on the treadmill or something.. check this out from the New York Post, on the big-huge- important story for all the people who thought Ms. Green, with flesh arms and white go-go boots was a sex symbol:

The chocolate candies that melt in your mouth and not in your hand are giving fans a new way to love their favorite treat.

Mars, Incorporated announced Thursday that they will be redesigning their M&M’s mascots — the array of rainbow-colored talking chocolate balls.

The six “refreshed” characters are most noticeably sporting new shoes. The green M&M has thrown out her high-heeled boots for sneakers, while the brown candy is wearing lower heels.

Both the red and yellow characters’ shoes have laces, while the orange orb’s kicks now have untied laces.

Each M&M’s shape has now also been more defined with arms and legs that are now not a tan hue, but of a lighter, more neutral shade.

Ms. Green’s Fan page had not been updated to reflect the candy’s new shoes and skin color.

In a long string of leftist rebranding of iconic American products- we are now faced with Mr. Green M&M in sensible shoes with white arms- because who likes sex anymore- anyway? Because flesh arms and white go-go boots are not progressive. That is the old way. Right? This is our new normal. White arms and White sneakers.

Unless it is for the Brown M&M.

And Brown M&M has tan arms and heels – because that is progressive. Right? It is healing, it will be more Global.

The Jokes write themselves-

NBC reported on the story as if these changes represented something serious people considered legit news.

M&M’s parent company Mars, Incorporated announced Thursday that the personified candy characters will have more “more nuanced personalities to underscore the importance of self-expression and power of community through storytelling.”

That means giving the M&M’s arms and legs that match their shell color, instead of the tan flesh tone the previous version had. The two female characters will wear less stereotypically feminine attire now as well — the brown M&M’s heels have been lowered to sensible pumps, and in lieu of her signature go-go boots, the green M&M now sports a pair of “cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence.”

Such changes ignited conversation amongst fans of the candy, with many demanding that the M&Ms revert back to their more signature style.

“I am a single issue voter and my issue: KEEP THE GREEN M&M A HOT SEXY LADY,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the changes to the green M&M’s vibe.

“re-yassify the M&Ms immediately,” wrote another, referring to the popular 2021 meme that means beautifying something, typically something that is unappealing or heteronormative.

In other words- the left has gone insane. They are crazy.

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