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Nevada Whistleblower Says He Witnessed Processing of Illegitimate Votes

Fox News has reported that a whistleblower in Nevada has sworn an affidavit that he witnessed ballots being improperly handled.

This is apart from the criminal referral to the DOJ that 3,602 votes are invalid yet they were counted.

The Nevada GOP says that these voters no longer live in the state and therefore not eligible to vote.

The whistleblower said that he witnessed the fact that votes were counted without signature verification and that he was instructed to count them anyway.

That would be a violation of Nevada law if true. He will likely be called to testify before the Senate just as other whistleblowers have already been called.

Fox News’s John Roberts said:

In just the last hour in Nevada, an election worker whose job was to process mail-in ballots says he witnessed irregularities in counting those ballots and was told by a supervisor — who he names — to put through ballots he believed needed signature verification without that verification first being done.

He  says he was also told to ignore discrepancies with addresses. That worker has sworn out an affidavit which has been sent to the Department of Justice here in Washington. A Trump campaign attorney says of that, quote, “The affidavit makes clear that we’re not dealing with oversights or sloppiness. This was intentional criminal conduct.”

It is possible that this was done out of laziness or the desire to speed up the process and not the result of voter fraud.

But it is without a doubt a violation of election law if true. I will remind you that not every discrepancy is voter fraud.

But also keep in mind that whether voter fraud exists or not, it could still be a matter that needs correcting.

The Nevada GOP claimed via statement on Wednesday:

There have been a number of mail ballots turned in to Clark County Department of Elections that are being processed without meaningful observation. Ballots are continuing to be processed in this same manner.

“The fact remains that hundreds of thousands of ballots have been counted in Clark County and as a Judge and the Secretary of State have confirmed we have not been allowed to observe or challenge a single signature match for these votes. With the issues that have been reported regarding the election, we are now more than ever concerned with the lack of the transparency in observing and challenging possible invalid ballots,” says Donald J Trump Campaign Co-Chair Adam Laxalt.

Whether there was voter fraud or not, one thing we have learned is that voting by mail is like three monkeys trying to make love to a football.

Between postal workers allegedly throwing out ballots, supervisors allegedly ordering the backdating of ballots, and ballots that possibly never make it to be counted, there have been a lot of potential problems in the delivery of votes.

This should never be done the same way again.

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