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Nevada Neighborhood Lights Up Blue in Support of Law Enforcement

An entire neighborhood in Mesquite, Nevada is displaying their support for their police department by changing out their front porch lights with blue lights.

The Mesquite Police Department shared an image of the neighborhood alight in blue to Facebook last Monday. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words,” they wrote, “but there aren’t enough words to explain what this picture means to us.”

In a Fox News interview, Sergeant Oliver from the Mesquite Police Department said, “It brings a lot of emotion, especially with everything going on in the country right now.”

Neighbor Bobbi Kuspa, who organized the entire display – buying up blue lights for neighbors to purchase and replace their front porch lights with – told Fox News that this wasn’t the first time they had done this.

“We have a neighbor who lost her son in the line of duty,” she recounted of the last time the neighborhood rallied together to show their support for law enforcement.

With the current climate of hostility toward police officers and the great burden they are carrying ensuring the safety of law-abiding citizens, Kuspa said, “It was time to start all over again for our police doing a great job here in Mesquite.”

According to Kuspa, forty homes in the neighborhood are currently lit in blue.

She reported that they haven’t received any backlash. Instead, others have asked where they could get blue lightbulbs to show the same support.

“Once Bobbie gets involved in something,” neighbor John Swanson said in the interview with a laugh, “she starts recruiting people.”

Sergeant Oliver said of the tribute, “All the officers are very grateful.”

The image of a quiet neighborhood awash in blue is a heart-warming, encouraging reminder that despite the chaos that our cities have seen in recent months, there are still good-hearted people out there, doing what they can to shine a little bit of light in this current darkness.

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