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NEA Takes This Opportunity to go to ‘War’ on White Americans and Western Civ- Social Justice Realized

NEA Vice President Becky Pringle on the megaphone as delgates gather for a Human Rights Rally outside the convention center during Day 2 of the Conference on Racial and Social Justice at NEA 2019 in Houston, Texas JULY 2, 2019

The National Education Association (NEA), who under the leadership of radical social justice warriors, may have pushed too far this time with their radical left ideology and their demands for dominating education in America, espicially while Americans have had just about enough of the pandemic restrictions on their lives.

To add to the anxiety and depression that is plaguing our young people the NEA has implemented new abusive concepts to damage our children’s minds and to debase their self-esteem; a “war’ on Whiteness.

NEA, in a new report for the Biden ‘administration” (should there be one) put a teaching focus on minorities and called for a war on “white supremacist culture,” capitalizing groups for emphasis, including “People of Color.”

“The administration needs to resolve funding inequities by driving more resources to students and communities with the greatest needs. In addition, the country needs an unadulterated national repudiation of white supremacist culture, and we expect the administration to reaffirm to all families, especially Native People and People of Color, that no haven exists for hate crimes, white supremacy, and anti-immigrant policies.”

So, they want more racism against White People, and they will use their tactics of domination on children who are already exhausted, depressed and beaten down- in masks, behind plexiglass, and made to submit.

Parents are at their wits end.

A high profile exodus from New York’s public schools is Megyn Kelly, who posted recently that she was pulling her children from school over leftism, and specifically called out and blamed an anti-“white culture” in schools.

Paul Bedard for the Washington Examiner, in his article NEA backs Biden court-packing and demands ‘repudiation of white supremacist culture’, wrote:

“The National Education Association, the endorsement of which in March helped push Joe Biden further into the lead against Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, has delivered its wish list to the Democrat, and it includes icing ICE, packing the courts with liberals, and curbing school rules such as zero tolerance.

In its 50-page “NEA Policy Playbook,” the nation’s largest teachers union also urged Biden to adopt a long list of liberal policies to limit the expansion of charter schools, to block teachers from having guns, and to grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

The report is expected to be closely studied by the Biden team, which sought the NEA’s endorsement.”

The Bidens believe they won the presidency with the help of the NEA, which is alarming parents who see their children languishing at home without an education for close to a year, while no one has mentioned that their pay should also stop when they are not working.


From the report, the teachers make demands. It is all on the table, for them to consume, they say.

“With a Biden-Harris administration, we have new opportunities to implement policies at the federal level that will benefit the lives of our students and educators locally. New relief funding will help our schools overcome the immense hurdles created by COVID-19. Fixing the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program will get educators the debt relief they were promised and ease the teacher shortage. Racial inequities caused by decades of unjust funding, white supremacy, and anti-immigration policies, will begin to be corrected. 

And that’s just the start. Smaller class sizes, professional pay, social and emotional learning, child nutrition—it’s all on the table. “

Read the Full Report HERE>

Will American parents and taxpayers finally have enough? This story is developing…

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