Republican Lt. Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson, is the first politician in the Nation to call for an anti-indoctrination task force into the practices of public education; on Tuesday, at a press event, he invited Democrats to join him in his concerns for children, parents, and teachers who are seeing draconian and oftentimes scary changes in education.

“First of all, I want people to know that this is not an inditement on education nor is this anti-Teacher, our teachers work hard and they serve people. This is inspired by complaints about things their students and their children were being forced to learn.  So we realized that heretofore there was nowhere this date was being compiled. Parents and teachers are out there who are afraid of speaking out to administrations and principals; we want people to be treated fairly,” Robinson said.


“We are going to root out the problems and make it end. We are going to examine the reports we get and take them serioulsy. We don’t know what the issues are that we are going to receive. This was a campaign promise. It is not a question of If this is happening, we know it is happening,” Robinson told the press.

“This is not about political ideology; I don’t want right-hand ideology or left-hand ideology in the classroom.  I want to one day be a teacher, and if I can’t give impressional young minds just the facts, then I can not teach,” Robinson said.

Robinson loves teaching. I can personally confirm that. One of the first things I talked to Robinson about just a day or so after his famous speech at the Greensboro city council meeting about gun control that propelled him into public service was his love of education.  When he made that speech, he was working to save enough money to go back to school and go into teaching. His first love is education.

Robinson said that when he was campaigning for office in 2020, he was “besieged by folks who were complaining about things their students and their children were having to learn in public schools that were contrary to their own beliefs.”


“We are bringing a spotlight to issues we heard about while on the campaign trail, and we are taking them seriously now that we are in office,”  State rep Kevin Corbin, a former school board and commissioner, said in opening comments before Robinson speaking.

Other members of the State Legislature, School Board, and concerned parents spoke about their concerns for public schools’ changing mission.

Robinson’s task force’s goal is to collect complaints from parents, students, and teachers in public schools from across the state “who are literally afraid to speak up” to their local school boards.

Now he is giving Democrats a chance to elevate their own platform by working with the task force, to hear the issues, and to join him in being proactive. Democrats should be interested since the state of education will be a leading issue for politicians in 2022.

Robinson’s press event comes at the same time Wake County, the largest country of North Carolina’s 100 counties, begins to roll out a highly pubic campaign for more invasive “Critical Race Theory” programing of families, students, teachers, and community leaders than ever before.

Local, left-leaning News and Observer, in their coverage of the press event, was suspicious of Robinson’s claims and wrote:

‘And while there have long been rumors of indoctrination efforts or one-off stories about a teacher’s controversial lesson plan, Robinson said he hopes to soon be able to show people just how widespread it might be.”


“People say, ‘Well, where’s the proof?’ Where’s the proof?’” said Robinson, a Republican who took office in January. “We’re going to bring you the proof.”

And the left’s suspicions should be faced with the question, if there are no conflicts in the way schools are conducting themselves, why would you be negative about a task force to investigate the claims?


Helping everyone else gain points with the public is how much Robinson is dedicated to education if they want to help the community.  He will even help Democrats if they want to “do right” for the children, parents, and North Carolina teachers.

“We have had issues in public schools for years, and the COVID just brought issues to the forefront.  Now we have a chance to get a spotlight on what is happening and what is going wrong in public schools.  We want to know that someone is fighting for us,” NC state Representative David Willis said.

Conservative Coalition of NC is a grassroots group that has helped Mark Robinson with his campaign and election. Thank you for their video.


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