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NC: Gaslighting and Crazy Making In Public Schools With NCDPI, And No One Talked About Math Or Reading

Teachers in a training on “culturally responsive teaching” for North Carolina public schools heard in the opening of the second webinar in their Marxist series for the NC Depart. of Public Instruction that they would be instructed in how to “blow people’s minds” and they would learn about “shooting cannons” at accepted curriculum in their classrooms.

Teachers were trained that culture is the foundation for all learning.

“We were so excited to get feedback from the first webinar from the teachers who were thinking about how to tear down whole systems around them and how to tear down curriculums,” the lead instructor said in opening the second webinar in the 9 part series on learning to teach by “competencies.”

This article is the second part of a series I am writing on my reaction to taking the course and reflecting on the materials offered as a Homeschool Mom and as a former Community Organizer. My findings will be uncomfortable for the left.

I will be looking thru the lens of a successful educator and a former leftist.

The teaching webinars are sponsored by New America Foundation which is led by Eric Schmidt of Google and funded by financier and social activist George Soros.

First of all, after watching the second webinar, I can confidently say that the facilitator from UnboundEd delivered a highly professional and well-produced gaslighting of the teachers he was meant to instruct. While they participated in good faith with him, I do not believe that he was honest with the teachers about his Marxist motivation to reshape the American Republic. However, if the teachers who participated in that training were honest with themselves, they know he was leading them and their experiences, refusing to hear them or acknowledge them while basically telling them they were too white and too American.

In a web series sponsored by the Wake County Public School System Equity Department and the Department of Public Instruction, teachers received instruction on how to dismantle their own classroom, their own teaching style, their school, their district, and their community and as I pointed out in the first article in the series, to be radical revolutionaries for their cause, even to the point of causing intention conflict and disrupting classrooms, schools and districts by demanding “culturally relevant” replacement of teaching materials.

First article:


The second lesson focused on the premise is that everyone has multiple important cultures that teachers must embrace and that teachers must include all of the “Black and Brown student’s” cultures as relevant in all subject matters, in all grade levels, at all times.  Secondly, all cultures are to be upheld and promoted except for what has been determined by the teachers (by way of the lesson’s teaching them), as White, Eurocentric and American, using the cover that not all of their students belong to those cultures; therefore, they are forbidden.


Also, the instructor talked about how there was an image in one particular culture (that he did not name) that believes 4-5th graders were too young to hear about the “violence of white supremacy and rape in slavery”d. They were wrong because a 4-year-old knew about Black Wall Street and was lifted by it.


Watching the facilitator grapple with how to get a group of mostly white women to admit their skin color was their problem by talking them through a series of weird group exercises made me cringe.  While the facilitator said that culture was everything, he could never defend what culture was to be promoted. That was embarrassing. But he did come right out with the words and explain what culture was “not” to be embraced.

“We have an opportunity to insert culture into all of our teaching and materials, and we want you to be confident when people are uncomfortable with that truth,” the UnboundEd facilitator said, leading teachers into their activism as social justice warriors.

“How might your own cultural background impact the way you use curriculums in your classes, and how might you change. We want you to pick one curriculum that you will pick apart and replace or remake, and do not be afraid of people who will push back on you.  You are the brave one who is speaking your truth,” one facilitator said.


How do I know that? The facilitator said so. Let me quote him:

“We have to dismantle the idea of American exceptionalism, of America, of Eurocentric White culture and focus on minority cultures.

You can view the webinar series. 

Here is the test that was required for teachers to take for the second lesson:

In this test, you will see items that represent African American children, European American children, pleasant words, and unpleasant words. As each item appears, you will be asked to make responses on the left or right side as quickly as possible. For touch devices, responses are made by tapping colored areas on the left and right. For keyboards, key presses are used to make responses.
African American Children
European American Children
pleasant wordssmilehonestsincereluckydiamondpeacesweet
unpleasant wordsdisasteragonyhatredgriefrottencrashtragedy
Speed is important; work as quickly as you can. Your results will not be accurate if you go too slow. If you make a mistake, you will see a red X and should rapidly make the other response to correct the error.

We will explore the third lesson tomorrow.

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