william m  arkin quit nbc news  accusing the network of pro war  anti trump propaganda

The news outlets in America are no longer non-biased. They can no longer say we report the news. Today they are just T.V. talk shows that push a certain agenda and ideology. If you turn on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc. you will only hear anti-Trump stories. And yes, a lot of them are fairytale stories. Or they are opinion pieces. They are not factual. But the sad thing is they are reaching millions of viewers every day and influencing the thoughts, perspectives, and behavior in America.

This journalist, William R. Arkin, has been employed at NBC for 30 years. His goodbye letter to his colleagues is truthful and honest about what is happening inside these liberal news outlets.

“A veteran news reporter has quit NBC, accusing the network of pushing anti-Trump, pro-war propaganda. William M. Arkin accused the new outlet of having an “infatuation” with the “Trump circus,” claiming it leads to journalists ignoring real stories as they push to turn Americans against their president. Arkin, a seasoned national security reporter, made the revelations in a biting farewell message to his colleagues, in which he cited NBC’s willingness to give an endless war and “destructive” intelligence agencies a free pass, all while fixating on around-the-clock anti-Trump hysteria.In what appeared to be a reference to the US “deep state,” Arkin blasted the outlet for becoming “a defender of the government against Trump.”

It is also disappointing that our Democrat Representatives like Pelosi and Schumer use these fake news outlets to push their agendas. Just like when they came out of the meeting with President Trump last week. Schumer said Trump slammed his hand on the table and said the meeting was over. The liberal media played that sound bite over and over. They had it as a banner during their round table talks. And they kept saying how awful it was that he was throwing a temper tantrum. In reality, the Republicans came out and said that that was not what happened. They said the President was calm, respectful and tried to negotiate with the Democrats. They came out to correct the misleading report of the meeting that Schumer and Pelosi gave. But the Fake news T.V. talk shows did not report any of that. Why? Because they are biased, misleading and anti-Trump. They are accomplices in plotting America against their president. They are Domestic Terrorists. Thank you, Mr. Arkin, for the truth. I hope our government can use this to file charges against them.

What can you do?  MAKE your voice heard.

  • Blast social media with what is happening and your position.

UAF Contributor Marie Penetranti

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