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NBC Looks Bad in Rittenhouse Jury Following Case After Kenosha Police Release Video of Traffic Stop of Reporter

The Kenosha Police Department has released the video of the NBC freelance reporter who was stopped as he was following the bus carrying the Kyle Rittenhouse jury. It does not make NBC look good. As freelance producer James Morrison was following the bus, he ran a red light in order not to lose it. He was stopped and questioned. The officer who identified himself as Officer Jons asked him if he was following a vehicle.

Morrison, who described himself as a producer for NBC responded :

 “I was trying to see — I was being called by New York, going maybe these are the people you need to follow, but I don’t know … I was trying to … just do what they told me to do.”

Morrison went on to confirm that it was a booking producer in New York and not at an affiliate that gave him the assignment of following the bus carrying the jury. The officer asked the name of the person who ordered the tail so that he could question them. The producer agreed and the officer called Irene Byon, who described herself as a booking producer for NBC.

officer Jones said:

“We’re trying to figure out what’s going on here, why you have a reporter or a producer following vehicles out here.”

Byron replied:

“We were just trying to respectfully just trying to see if it’s possible to find any leads about the case, and so we were … we were just keeping our distance, just to see where people involved in the trial are positioned.”

“By no means were we trying to get in contact with any of the jury members or whoever is in the car, we just were trying to see where key players in the trial may be at.”

The next morning the Kenosha Police confirmed the incident in which they suspected that Morrison was going to photograph jury members. They added that the driver was charged with several traffic citations.

Ultimately, no jury tampering charges were filed because Morrison was stopped before he would have a chance to do anything. But, it is possible that they wanted more than to see where the bus was going. We’ll never know.

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