After watching many people post videos of Nate Boyer suggesting Kaepernick kneel instead of sitting o the bench, I thought ok, let’s see what people are saying in the comments. I noticed several things. One, many military people stand strong that Colin has a right to protest and kneel if he wants. I 100% agree. They also they believe that standing during the National Anthem is about honoring our country. Our country is the greatest country in the world with all our faults and it should be respected just for that. Some have pointed out that military men and women kneel for the fallen, because it’s about respecting the ultimate sacrifice of one’s life for the LOVE of their country. Colin Kaepernick was not showing love for his country while kneeling. This vet called up Colin to talk about what he was doing. In honesty, Colin should have reached out to Police Authorities and even the White House to talk about his concerns and make a real change. Colin has donated a lot of money to charities that deal with social injustice, but he hasn’t done the hardest thing he can do, get involved with the police and work with them. In that conversation, he needs to hear their side and they hear his side. The best way to solve things is by going to the source. Just like the Nate Boyer did with him.

UAF Contributor Marie Penetrati