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Nancy Pelosi Said of $550 Billion of ‘Build Back Better’ Money For Climate Change ‘For me, it’s a religious thing’

Opponents of “the sky is falling climate change alarmism” whackos have for some time now thought of the watermelons as engaging in a kind of religious zealotry. The Church of Climate Change. I call them watermelons because they are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just reinforced that impression by claiming that the massive amount of spending that the Democrats are engaging in on disastrous Green New Deal policies is “a religious thing.” She said it, not me.

While discussing the House passing the irresponsible “Build Back Better Worse” spending package over the weekend, Pelosi described the $550 billion of that package going to climate change as “For me, it’s a religious thing.”

Can you imagine if any Republican House speaker ever said something like that? You would have Democrats claiming that the Republican politician was getting his marching orders from God and doing God’s bidding rather than adhering to the Constitution, a document that I don’t think any of our loony leftist friends have ever read.

She said with a straight face, “I believe this is God’s creation and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards.”

It’s a shame she doesn’t feel the same moral obligation about babies she supports being killed in the womb. Can you imagine a Republican saying “I believe a baby is God’s creation and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards” and not see Democrat heads explode right on the floor of the House?

Pelosi, the patron saint of gaslighting, went on. “But if you don’t share that view, you must share the view that we have an obligation to future generations. So we’re very excited about what is in there and it is paid for.”

If Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats really believe that we have an obligation to future generations, then why are they putting those future generations, most of them yet unborn, into debt slavery to the federal government with spending $1.7 trillion bills like the “Build Back Better Worse” package she’s saying is holier than thou?


A moral obligation would be to fight to protect our freedoms and liberties, not take them away. The same party supported COVID-19 lockdowns for churches across the country. They put more restrictions on Churches than abortion clinics.

According to the Committee for a Responsible Budget, after analysis, the plan will cost $4.79 trillion if the policies proposed in it become permanent.

Where does Pelosi get off telling us we have to pay for her made up moral obligations? There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution or US code that says that we have a “moral obligation” to pay for anything. The Congressional Budget Office that scores spending bills has said that the “Build Back Better Worse” package will increase the federal deficit by $367 billion over the next ten years. So much for being paid for.

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