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Nancy Pelosi Claimed Joe Biden Has a ‘Mandate’ with No Winner Declared and Democrats Lost Seats in the House and the Senate

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Friday declared several times that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a “mandate” to push the party’s radical agenda, while she referred to Biden as “president elect” even though to the moment of this writing no winner has officially been declared, proving that Pelosi drinks heavily and is a sociopathic liar.

When speaking to reporters during her daily press briefing, Pelosi declared, “I wish we weren’t wearing masks so we could see how exciting it is to come before you today with Joe Biden having the tremendous mandate that he has.”

“This morning it is clear, that the Biden-Harris ticket will win the White House,” she went on to say. “President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead.”

I don’t care how drunk she was at the moment, if Joe Biden gets away with the cheating via mail-in ballots, that I have been predicting for six months now, and is declared the winner, there is no way on God’s green and blue earth that he has a mandate of any kind.  You cannot have a mandate when you lost seats in the House of Representatives and you did not win the US Senate.   More importantly, you cannot claim a mandate when half the country believes the Democratic Party put forth a massive election fraud effort.

By the end of her briefing, Pelosi said, “I think Joe Biden has a big mandate, a bigger mandate than John F. Kennedy when I was in school.”

This is the rantings of a woman who has either lost touch with reality or genuinely is sociopathic.

Pelosi tried to explain that Biden received a record number of votes and that that is evidence that the American people overwhelmingly decided they prefer the Democratic agenda while ignoring that the Democrats did horribly in the House and Senate.

The fact that there is overwhelming evidence that the Democrats participated in massive election fraud, that has made its way around the Internet, is being ignored by Democrats, the mainstream news media, and social media alike, all the elements who setup the fraud in the first place.  Democrats had both media and social media oversell the hype of coronavirus so that they could demand a vote by mail system which was their ultimate weapon of cheating in all the key battleground states.  We have seen video of Republican observers not being allowed to observe the counting of votes, of boxes, coolers and bags of ballots being delivered to vote counting centers in the middle of the night where 100% of the votes went to Joe Biden.

Not everyone bought into her bullschtein.

Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) informed The Hill that the result from the general election show that the speaker will be forced to “give some ground” on the next coronavirus relief bundle.

“The vast majority of her members also think she has to give some ground here,” Blunt said. “The liberal agenda was rejected by voters.”

He added, “There was no mandate in this election.”

Pundits also pushed back on Pelosi’s “mandate” talk.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly took to social media and tweeted:

“Pelosi says Biden has a ‘huge mandate.’ Really? Dems lost seats when supposed to gain them in her chamber, d/n/gain control of Senate, saw DT win more votes than ever with minority groups, & did not see the promised Blue Wave. Truth will prevail in Jan. when gridlock settles in.”

The Hill’s Joe Concha wrote, “Pelosi saying Biden owns a ‘huge mandate’ after razor-thin margins in 7 battleground states is peak 2020…”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) pointed out where Pelosi’s mandate will wind up.

“Nancy Pelosi’s mandate is dead. We’ll send her packing in two years.”

Another user called it like it is.

“Nancy Pelosi has no idea where she is.

Her party got torpedoed and thinks she has a mandate.

She’s literally the fire dog THIS IS FINE”

George Washington University law professor and Democrat Jonathan Turley tweeted too.

‘Nancy Pelosi just called the election “a huge mandate” for Joe Biden. That is a rather curious statement given our ongoing monitoring of razor thin margins as well as the loss of seats in the House and the apparent failure to retake the Senate (despite record Democratic spending).’

Pelosi’s statement, along with the mainstream media’s calling states early for Biden, is all part of the coordinated effort to make it appear that Biden had momentum and a mandate when nothing could be further from the truth.  Hopefully, the Supreme Court will rule on the Constitutionality of state executive branches in these battleground states changing laws and/or violating laws the legislatures created, all in an effort to help the Democrats.

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