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Mysterious ‘Leak’ Exposed as a Cover for Suitcases of Ballots, US Rep for GA Reacts and Calls out Sec. of State

Very suspicious…

In a ballot counting room in the state of Georgia, something extraordinary happened. It was uncovered in front of a huge online audience growing increasingly more concerned about the 2020 Presidential election’s integrity, and a member of the House called out the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, who insists he sees no concerns for fraud.

US House member from Georgia Jody Hice reacted on Twitter and wrote:

This looks like election fraud on a mass scale. Fulton officials throw everyone out of the room and start counting ballots in secret. For 2 hours. 3,000 ballots per hour per machine. Multiple machines. The margin in Georgia is 12,000. You do the math, @GaSecofState.

Cyber-security expert, Russ Ramsland, testified on Wednesday and said Democrat Joe Biden allegedly outperformed Republican President Donald J. Trump by about 5% across the country where Dominion Voting Systems were used. He said In Georgia, this Dominion Voting System “boost” adds up to around 123,000 votes.

12,000 votes are what currently is left between President Donald J. Trump and Democrat Joe Biden in the state of Georgia and testimony in the state in front of the State House and Senate was shocking in how corrupt the election may have been there in giving Joe Biden that lead, and should be plenty of reason to get a serious recount of legal ballots.

A woman testified on Wednesday. She said that from observing the video footage below, she was convinced that the ballots were suspect and that in the time they were being loaded, the number would exceed the lead that Biden has over Trump and could turn the election.

State Farm Arena, where the counting room was located had a “broken pipe” that was actually a toilet leak, which “shut down the building.”

She said that Election Supervisors there told poll workers to stop counting and go home. The room was cleared at 10:30pm and everyone left.

The shocking video footage confirms that poll workers were told to stop counting and leave, while 4 people stayed behind to continue counting ballots in private. The legal team of President Donald J. Trump claims that is enough reason to be suspicious and call for an audit of the votes.

It is especially suspicious because the suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER supervisors told poll workers to leave the room because of the leak, and the 4 people stayed behind to keep counting votes were all Democrats.

Trump posted on Wednesday:

“The “Republican” Governor ofGeorgia, @BrianKempGA, and the SecretaryofState, MUST immediately allow a signature verification match on the Presidential Election. If that happens, we quickly and easily win the State and importantly, pave the way for a big David and Kelly WIN!”
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