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“MY TRIAL WILL EXPOSE VIOLENT J-6 POLICE!” Hold Violent Police Officer Lila Morris Accountable For Allegedly Killing Trump Supporter!

Jonathan Mellis is a political prisoner of Joe Biden and Linsey Graham, the alleged Republican from South Carolina. Mellis has been working with the Gateway Pundit in getting letters from the political prisoners out of the gulag and into the public record. He will be coming up for trial eventually and when he does, he says he plans to expose Lila Morris, the officer seen brutally beating

who died that day.

Mellis says he plans to use his trial to expose Morris as one of the officers complicit in the death of Boyland. In a video, he claims you can see her being beaten by Morris with a club until the club actually broke.

Mellis is accused of assaulting a Capitol Police officer Michael Fanone,  who has left the police force and works for……wait for it…….CNN. Mellis claims that videos will also clear him of the assault charges. He says that Fanone is a liar and that he never assaulted him.

Mellis said:

“We have to get their stories out. They are good men and need help. It breaks my heart to see them suffering and losing hope. It’s been over a year since January 6th and still no trials. Sometimes we feel like we will die in here.”

Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution said:

“This never happened at a Trump rally before, so why now? We now know the truth. The police were attacking defenseless women and Trump supporters. Period. These men were provoked and defending others. The question is, did the police act on their own accord or was there a directive from above that police antagonize the crowd?”

From The Gateway Pundit

According to Mellis and other prisoners, there are videos they have seen as part of their discovery that are under “court order”, which means the public cannot see them (and possibly never will). These videos show incredible violence on the part of police as they antagonized Trump supporters, seemingly provoking peaceful crowds to become agitated.

DC Police refuse to penalize or acknowledge any wrongdoing on the part of Morris. She was seen allegedly beating someone who died, but like Ashli Babbitt’s killer Lieutenant Michael Byrd she has yet faced no consequences. She continues to enjoy her freedom and “celebrity status” as a January 6th police officer. Compare this to men like Jonathan Mellis who tried to defend the actual dead woman this police officer sadistically brutalized- he is locked up for assaulting this violent police officer. He has lost everything and is rotting away in prison facing up to 40 years behind bars.

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