Tara Reade is the accuser who claims that Joe Biden sexually harassed her when she worked as one of his aides. She was interviewed by Greg Kelly and revealed how she and her family were harassed.

Are you surprised by that? #MeToo. I finally figured out how they know when to believe a victim of sexual assaults: Republicans are guilty without evidence they are innocent, and Democrats are innocent even with a pile of evidence.

Reade told Megyn Kelly last year how she was given a gym bag and told her to rush it right to Joe Biden. When she did, that’s when Biden allegedly attacked her.

Reade said:

“He greeted me, he remembered my name. I handed him the bag, and it happened very quickly. I remember — I remember being pushed up against the wall and thinking…the first thought I had was ‘where’s the bag,’ which is an absurd thought.”

“He had his hands underneath my clothes and it happened all at once. So he had one hand underneath my shirt and the other hand I had a skirt on, and he like went down my skirt and then went up and I remember I was up almost on my tippy-toes.”

Reade told Kelly that as he was assaulting her, Biden whispered something vulgar in her ear. The media totally ignored her because of course, Biden has Liberal Privilege. There was no, “always believe the victim.”

We need to create a completely new media and convert the present one into the DNC Ministry of Propaganda.

From The Gateway Pundit

Reade told the Newsmax host she was thrown aside. “I believe the elite Democrat Party uses the “Me Too” as a shield – while actually uplifting predators.”

Tara Reade spoke about the reaction on the left to her accusations, “I was smeared, attacked, threatened, my life was threatened, my daughter and I were stalked. And, the way the tone was set was by The New York Times. I don’t know if you are aware but my attorney filed a demand with The New York Times for a correction of the record. And also something to address was they actually posted my Social Security Number in their headline.”