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MUST SEE VIDEO: Suspected Fed Operative Ray Epps Confronted at His Ranch on His Role in January 6 US Capitol Set-Up

Ray Epps is a very suspicious character. He was one of the main instigators on January 5th and January 6th, leading a charge into the Capitol building. He is well known and everyone knows where he lives, yet he has never been arrested or even charged. There are rumors that he was working with the FBI in trying to get protesters to turn violent, which would be a clear case of entrapment.

On January fifth, he showed up, defended antifa and he stirred up the crowd, telling them that they had to fight their way into the Capitol building and on January 6th, he led the charge into the Capitol. People who never went inside the building have been held without bail, so why has someone who instigated the charge and actually went in the building never been arrested. During his testimony before Congress, Merrick Garland was asked about Epps multiple times, but he dodged the question every time.

That would seem to indicate he was a plant. Another interesting fact is that the same FBI agent who led the Whitmer kidnapping set up was also in charge of the FBI operations on January 6th. Epps owns a ranch in Arizona and is well known, so if the FBI wanted to arrest him it would not have been a problem. Rep Massie played a video of Epps instigating a riot, but Garland refused to comment.

From The Gateway Pundit

Massie demanded answers from AG Garland on the FBI informants inside the Jan. 5th and 6th protests.
Garland refused to answer if the man was working for the feds.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this individual back in June.

The man’s name is Ray Epps from Queen Creek, Arizona.

He did an interview with reporters the night of January 5th after urging the crowd to enter the US Capitol the next day.

Who is Ray Epps? And why did he spend two days inciting Trump supporters to go inside the Capitol?

This week Trump supporters confronted Ray Epps at his ranch in Arizona.

Epps fled when he was confronted.

This is an incredible video!

Epps ran like cheap mascara.

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