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Musk Rolls Out Red Carpet For His Critics To Remain At Twitter After News That Deal Has Been Reached With Social Media Giant

Elon Musk’s tweets about his philosophy on social media policy amid a bid to buy Twitter made news cycles go crazy over the past few weeks.  Musk has been critical of social media, particularly Twitter, over its enforcement of rules that critics say targets conservative voices.

On Monday, it was announced that Musk and Twitter had reached a deal for the sale and that alarmed many leftists. Musk was quick to point out that his critics were still wanted.

Trish Regan reported,”@Twitter is expected to be announced as soon as the market closes today. Stock is currently up more than 5% at $51.50 a share. Freedom matters.”

“BREAKING: Twitter and Elon Musk reach buyout deal: report twitter and Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk’s have reached a deal on the sale of Twitter,” The Post Millenial reported Monday afternoon.

A formal announcement is expected to be made on Monday about the conditions. The news comes after a weekend of expectations that something would happen because the US House Judiciary Committee sent a blistering letter to the Twitter Board of Directors telling them to preserve their documents for future lawsuits for their highly suspicious behavior in not accepting Musk’s offers- which would have made stockholders net gains on their investments.

The battle between the radical far-left activists involved in Twitter has been historic, and Musk has evolved as the winner of a very strange and public battle over ownership of the social media giant.CNN reported early on Monday:

The New York Times and other outlets, 11 days after the Tesla and SpaceX CEO shocked the industry by in a deal valuing it at more than $41 billion.

A deal could be finalized as soon as Monday, according to the
Wall Street Journal. Twitter declined to comment on the reports.

Reports that a deal is imminent come after Musk revealed last week he had lined up $46.5 billion in financing to acquire the company. Twitter’s board met Sunday to evaluate Musk’s offer to buy all the shares of the company he does not currently own for $54.20 a piece, a source familiar with the deal confirmed to CNN. The source said that discussions about Musk’s bid have turned serious.

Musk appeared to hint at the completion of a deal on Twitter on Monday when he tweeted, “I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”

The potential sale agreement caps off a whirlwind news cycle that began less than a month ago, when Musk revealed he had taken a more than 9% stake in the company and ramped up calls for changes to the social media platform.

“Leaving Twitter” is trending as Elon Musk is in final stages of taking full ownership of Twitter.

“It’s unhealthily addictive, mean-spirited, dangerous. Democrats despise the soapbox given to bigots and trolls. Republicans recoil at restrictions on free speech. Independents wonder why we can’t all just get along,” Variety news reported, when they heard the news in their article, “Thinking about leaving Elon Musk’s Twitter? Good luck finding an alternative.”

Many Conservatives, who remain on the site were celebratory.

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