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Music Publicist Says She Was Fired By Email For Attending Trump Rally

Danielle Reiss attended President Trump’s campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada. She never thought for a moment that she would lose her job over her choice for president. But, that is the way things work with today’s cancel culture. If you don’t toe their line, they will try to destroy you. She committed the heinous act of holding up a Trump poster.

The next thing she knew, she received a letter from her employer, Pop Off. That letter said that her support of Trump went against all the company stands for. The cancel culture should work both ways.

If you do business with Pop Off, you should drop them like a bad habit. Pop Off brings together publicists with artists and in return, the publicists pay them a fee.

The letter read:

Reiss’s problem is that she is a contract worker and not a regular employee, so what her company is doing is legal. They didn’t fire her, they are just not going to renew their contract when this one is over. However, they have not sent her a single referral since they sent her the letter. So, in reality, they have already fired her.

From The Federalist

“We saw your latest Instagram post in which you held a ‘Make America Great Again’ poster,” the email said. “From this, we infer that you support the policies and ideologies of Donald Trump’s administration, which blatantly undermine the values we uphold at Pop Off.”

The email, which appears to be from Pop Off President and Chief Financial Officer Ben Silvers, adds that the agency will continue working with Reiss until February 2021, but after that “we will be terminating our professional relationship with you and will cease all partnership activities.”

The email Reiss received cited the agency’s commitment to “stand for equality, inclusion, and kindness in everything we do,” before expressing the agency’s decision to terminate any future partnership with Reiss.

Reiss said:

“There’s nothing less diverse or less inclusive than a company who terminates someone because they have different beliefs. Diversity also includes diversity of thought and diversity of opinions.”

We need to cut out companies from our lives that discriminate against conservatives. Once they feel the heat, they will be able to see the light.

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