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Attacking Trump

Multiple Trump Supporters Allegedly Stabbed By ANTIFA Members At DC Rally [VIDEO]

Videos posted on Twitter show an ANTIFA protester allegedly stabbing Trump supporters in Washington, DC, on Saturday night.  But, Joe Biden told us that ANTIFA was nothing but an idea.  So, an idea went around stabbing people. That’s really weird.

Additional videos show the stabber being arrested by police after some Trump supporters fought back and took him to the ground.  Reports came out showing four stabbing victims were taken to local hospitals.

Two videos that were tweeted by Mauro Gomez show as a “BLM/Antifa allegedly stabs 2 Trump supporters.”


People surrounding the stabber are heard shouting, “Knife, knife, knife.”

Nine people overall were injured including the four who were stabbed.  At least twenty-three people were arrested during a volatile night of clashes between Trump supporters who were doing nothing wrong and ANTIFA/BLM violent animals in Washington, DC.

The arrests consisted of 10 simple assaults, six assaults on police officers, four for acts of rioting, one for possession of a taser which is a prohibited weapon, and two for illegally crossing a police line.

On Saturday, during the day and before the leftist scumbags came to the party, Trump supporters were rallying around chants of “we want Trump” and “four more years,” as they listen to speakers including former national security advisor Michael Flynn and Infowars host Alex Jones.

At least seven groups of Trump supporters marched through streets of downtown DC during the daytime rally, Metro police in charge of traffic control said.

A large blue and white flag that read “Trump Law and Order” was raised by people in the crowd.

Those who marched had a point to make, which was they are not buying the election results, especially after a large amount of evidence from witness testimony shows there was massive voter fraud on the part of the Democrats that tilted the election in Joe Biden’s favor.

“It’s a shame what they’re doing to President Trump,” one man said.

By late afternoon Saturday, police said that except for some minor scuffles, there had been no major acts of violence or any criminal activity by that time.  Remember, the daunting raiders of BLM and ANTI come out at night.  We learned this from half a year of nightly rioting in Democrat controlled cities.  After the sun went down, tense moments began to unfold.  There were sporadic clashes breaking out between Trump supporters and the usual leftist troublemakers.  The media will no doubt blame the Trump supporters.  Police at that time tried to keep the opposing groups separated, but as always, the lost control of that and the leftists continued to attack.

Metro cops and DC Fire and EMS crews were called out to the 500 block of 11th Street NW for a call about a stabbing of Trump supporters.

EMS said that the four stabbing victims were transported with critical injuries, however, they are expected to survive.

Photographer Shane B. Murphy took to social media to tweet that four people had been injured.

“FOUR patients being transported with various injuries after an Antifa-BLM militant stabbed several Proud Boys.”

Murphy posted another video showing the knife attack from a slightly different angle.

The media spent the entire summer defending protesters, rioters, and looters in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. It became a joke that the media would point to buildings being burned down and people being accosted by BLM and ANTIFA, and they claim in the face of it that they were “mostly peaceful.” They went on and on pontificating about how it’s their First Amendment right to protest, as if anybody disagrees with that.  But they conflated rioting and looting with peacefully protesting.  They are the same media that have gone against anyone who protests anything that they don’t politically agree with, including business owners who want to to be able to reopen so that they and their employee’s kids can eat, and of course Trump supporters protesting.

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