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Multi Billionaire Radical Leftist Activist Funds the Group That Harassed Senator Sinema In a Public Restroom

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Radical Progressive billionaire activist and America hater George Soros is funding the left-wing group that sent members to ambush and harass Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), in a bathroom over the weekend while she was in a locked stall doing her business.

On Saturday, the Soros-funded leftist activist group Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) sent activists out to video Sinema while she was teaching at Arizona State University after she declined to meet with the radical group to discuss her not supporting the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better spending bill that the Democrats are trying to shove down the throats of Americans, a majority of who don’t want it.

LUCHA’s largest donor is Soros’s Open Society Foundation, according to The Washington Free Beacon, that reported Soros’ group gave LUCHA $1.5 million back in 2019 and a quarter of a million in 2017. Since LUCHA reported $1.7 million in revenues for 2019 and $328,000 from 2017, it’s obvious that Soros is their largest benefactor that funds their anti-American activities.

From Me:

“The White House, including Biden, acted like this is a normal thing, calling it, “part of the process.” It’s not normal to badger a woman in a public bathroom while doing her business, no matter what the issue no matter what your politics happen to be. What is wrong with these people?”

Biden’s message included the harassment tactics visited on Senator Joe Manchin as well. Manchin lives in a houseboat in Washington, DC, and activists in kayaks paddled out to his home to harass him.

“I don’t think they’re appropriate tactics, but it happens to everybody,” he said. Actually, it does not happen to everybody. Republicans and conservatives don’t normally approach politicians in bathrooms or at their homes to harass them over legislation.

On a side note, I once had a bill collector call my home, and I told him he had the wrong number because my name is not Jennifer. He insisted I was lying to him and he wanted me to put Jennifer on the phone. He was being so ridiculous, at one point I said hold on, I held the phone for about five seconds, and came back using my same voice and said, “Hello. This is Jennifer.” I had a lot more time to waste back then.

The guy went belligerent on me and called several times a day. He gave me a name and I happen to know that bill collectors give you a false name. My brother worked as a collector once. It’s usually a company rule for their own protection. When he started calling me a liar, I hit back that he was lying about his name. The idiot then gave me his real name.

That night I looked up the company he said he worked for, learned that they are located in New York. Back then, people worked inside the building and not from home. I then did a search for his name on and lo-and-behold, I got his home number. And I couldn’t wait to call him. But I did wait. I waited until 2:30 AM that night and I called. His sleepy-sounding wife answered the phone. I asked if he was home. In a stupor, she said yes, but he was sleeping. I asked her if he works for a collection agency. She said yes. I then told her that her husband was calling my home repeatedly all day long even though I tried to explain to him that someone gave the company he was collecting for a wrong number. She asked what my message was for her husband. I told her that unless he stops harassing me and my family, I was going to call them every night at different hours of the morning. I never got another call from the jerk bill collector.

That’s what we need to do to these activists. We need to find out their information. Even if you have to infiltrate the groups to do it. We have to get their personal information and go to their homes, harass them when they’re using a public restroom. Let them know what it’s like. It won’t work for all of them, but you never know.

Manchin and Sinema are the dam in the river that is blocking the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill that will harm our economy all the way down to the little guy. Activists are harassing the two senators because the Senate is split 50/50 and without both of them voting for woke legislation, they will not get a bill passed.

The Biden administration has been lying to the American people by telling them that the massive spending bill will be “cost free.” They are trying to gaslight the people into believing that their tax increases on corporations and people who earn over $400,000 will pay for the bill, so spending $3.5 trillion will cost zero dollars. Even if they do cover the tab – which all economic experts say is impossible – when you spend $3.5 trillion, paid for or not, it still costs you $3.5 trillion.

SOURCE: @LeahE001


The Beacon mentioned that Arizona law does not allow photographing or videoing another person in a restroom “where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy” and is relieving themselves or undressing. I wonder if Soros provides legal fees as part of the radical losers’ benefits package.The activists used a cellphone camera to film when Senator Sinema went into a public bathroom, and they didn’t stop filming inside the bathroom until she left. The troublemakers were heard asking Sinema to support 7 million illegal aliens getting a path to citizenship in the United States.

Contrary to what President Houseplant Biden said about it, it is not part of the process to have degenerates follow you into a public bathroom and film you while you are doing your business inside a locked stall. Can you imagine that happening to Joe Biden? “I’m… trying to get a bleebum humdring, mosaburn, come on, man!”

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