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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Blames Republicans For Mass School Shootings But Sober Reality Shows It’s Progressive Policies That Enable Them

Progressive policies are the problem, not guns.

On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid said on her show “The ReidOut” that she thinks Republican “ghouls” have a tolerance for blood and slaughter that is bottomless because they will not pass gun control legislation.

Liberals are like junkies when it comes to gun control laws. If we just had just one more… just one more gun control law would do the trick, I know it!

The race lady on MSNBC went on a rant that is so bobble-headed it denies belief in a Benevolent Being:

Reid said, “Please, please spare me the, don’t politicize these deaths’ BS because these deaths, these record numbers of Americans slaughtered, are political. They are happening because of uniquely American politics. They are happening because 327 million Americans are essentially hostages to a morally and financially bankrupt gun lobby and the heartless, gutless politicians that they buy and own. Please stop thinking that there is somebody counting some level of brutality and carnage that will move them, these Republicans and the two pet Democrats, that the rivers of blood will one day run deep enough and the slaughters tragic enough that these politicians will say, ‘Okay, that’s enough. Let’s do something.’ Because their tolerance for blood and the NRA’s tolerance for slaughter are bottomless. As is the grief and the torture that the parents of slaughtered children and slaughtered grandmas and shoppers and Bible study parishioners, all the slaughtered Americans will feel every day for the rest of their lives.”

::SIGH:: Where to begin? Reid resembles most leftists who are completely ignorant of reality. If anyone is a ghoul, it’s people like Reid who do politicize dead children before the initial shock of a mass shooting event has worn down.

So, children are dying because the gun lobby is profiting, says Reid. She is a disgusting figure to say something like that. It is so untrue that it’s a senseless thing to say. Most leftists said the same thing within hours of the shooting. It’s always the gun lobby with these people, who in a minute I will prove that they are the cause for most of the mass school shootings.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), which is the gun lobby that is every anti-Second Amendment leftist’s bogey man, declared bankruptcy last year. The NRA is an empty shell of what it used to be. In 2021, tech companies spent more than $70 million on lobbying Congress. Big pharma spent $92 million lobbying Congress in the first quarter of 2021 alone. The NRA spent just a little over $2 million total lobbying Congress in the entire year of 2020, which was a presidential election year.

The NRA was a New York entity, and the despicable politically biased NY Attorney General Letitia James went after the NRA with the powers of her office as a Democratic Party tactic to win the 2020 election. The NRA has always been the most effective organization for Republicans to get out the vote in an election year, and the Democrats all but shut them down. James began her political attacks against the NRA in August 2020, just three months before the 2020 election and at the height of political ads season.

Here’s why I believe the Democrats are the main reason for mass school shootings in America.

Guns have been around since the Founding of the country and we never had mass school shootings the way we have over the last 30 years or so. Little boys grew up playing army and cowboys and Indians using toy guns, since I can remember. In fact, playing with guns was so ingrained in our American DNA that if a little boy played with us but his parents didn’t buy him a toy gun, he still played by using his hand to make the shape a gun. And every kid accepted it because it was all part of the game. I played every week with my friends when I was a little boy and, to my knowledge, none of our plastic army of cowboys went on to commit school shooting rampages.

Here’s the thing. We defend politicians with guns. We defend celebrities with guns, including people like MSNBC’s Joy Reid. We defend sporting events with guns. We defend airports, banks, and office buildings and factories with guns. We defend our children in schools with a sign on the building that says “THIS IS A GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONE.” And the kicker is, every time there’s a mass shooting at a school, we then call people with guns to come help to end it.

The liberals come out of the woodwork every time there is a school shooting to virtue signal us about the evils of guns. It’s an old cliche by now, but still true that guns do not shoot people just like hammers do not pound a nail into a piece of wood. Guns are tools just like hammers, and it’s the person using the tool who is at fault.

Something happened to our society that turned generations of kids who grew up around the concept of guns and never went on shooting sprees to having multiple mass school shootings every year. We have to find out, in an honest way, what changed the culture. Is it liberalism? Is it conservatism? Is it progressivism? Something rotted away our life-affirming culture, and it has always been my understanding that progressivism is about death, it’s about darkness and suffering.

Please pay attention to this next part.

When progressive Democrats created Gun-Free School Zone laws, they instantly turned our children into sitting ducks because Gun-Free School Zone laws have a zero tolerance policy against people carrying guns on school grounds. Why do politicians believe the products inside a factory building are more precious than our children? Because they’re insane by thinking that criminals will obey Gun-Free School Zone laws. After every mass school shooting, you would think the leftists would figure out that criminals do not obey laws. It’s the reason we call them criminals. But they never do. Instead, they blame the inanimate object, the gun, that never decided to shoot someone, ever.

We need to get rid of Gun-Free School Zone laws and place inside every school one or two people who are trained and licensed to carry a gun. It could be a security officer, a police officer, a teacher, or an administrator. Veterans groups of retired vets once offered to volunteer at schools for security because they are trained on how to use firearms. The teacher’s unions always fight against it. Why? I’ve heard asinine arguments like what happens if the designated person with a gun goes crazy and starts shooting children inside the school? By that logic, no police should carry guns.

Mass shooters might be crazy, but they are not stupid. When you want to go on a shooting spree to shoot as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time you pick a place where you know that there will be no responsible adults around who can shoot back at you, and thanks to progressive politics, that would unfortunately be our children’s schools.

Leftists, like the race lady on MSNBC, constantly call for more gun control laws even though they do not work because criminals do not obey the law. If gun control laws work, then places like Chicago should be the safest cities on the planet. The sad truth is that gun control laws only block law-abiding gun owners from being able to defend themselves because law-abiding people abide by the law. I am so sick and tired of brain dead morons like Joy Reid wanting to create even more laws that do not work, while wanting to punish every gun owner who never shot anyone with a gun.

Gun-Free School Zone laws haven’t worked. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We need to get rid of them and at least add the perception that there will be adults inside every school who are carrying firearms and they could stop a shooter. That is the best way we are going to curb mass shooters. There are a whole host of other things we can do to slow down a shooter until the people with guns come to save the kids inside a mass school shooting event, but a big step in the right direction is a deterrence factor created by publicly letting the world know we are now serious about gun violence in our schools and we’re going to have responsible adults carrying firearms for protection.

Make this argument to the policymakers and when they argue back at you, those are the ones who need to be voted out.

Reid added, “So honestly, to hell with anybody who says don’t politicize this because these deaths, until we change, until we stop letting this minority of ghouls rule us, this is who we are.”

Shut up, Joy. You are part of the problem. Just shut up.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

Fight tech tyranny. Join Rich on, where free speech is still free. Join the revolution!

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