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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Attacks Fox News’ Tucker Carlson With Her Typical Race-Filled Conjecture

On Monday, Joy Reid, a.k.a. the race lady on MSNBC, on her show, “The ReidOut,” described Fox News Host Tucker Carlson’s new series on men as a “hyper-masculinity flex” that is “blatant, fascist posturing.”

I don’t think most leftists know what fascism really is.

Reid said, “Fox News host Tucker Carlson sure has tarnished masculinity on his mind. Wonder what that’s about? Remember he once said on his fake log cabin daytime show that COVID feminizes people. Now, a new trailer is out to promote his feature series, ‘The End of Men.’ Or shall we call it an ode to men, a certain kind of man?”

She added, “This trip into Tuckum’s dreamscape is absurd. I mean, testicle tanning? Which supposedly raises testosterone in men, presumably not FDA approved, was absolutely a popular search term today. And we can make jokes about Tuckums because — come on — and laugh at him on Twitter, but the message here is far more nefarious.”

Using the terms”Tuckum’s'” and “fake log cabin daytime show” reveals a lot about Reid and none of it good. She uses childish references to cover for an emotional hatred because people are watching.

Reid added, “The formerly bow-tied ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant’s hyper-masculinity flex is some pretty blatant, fascist posturing. The decline of real men is code for conservative white men who need laser beams to make white babies. And if that all falls apart, that spooky old, great replacement theory is bound to succeed. What is scarier is what the rhetoric translates into, from book banning to abortion bans and laws that regulate procreation in women’s bodies. And what is now an obsession with the false notion scary liberal saboteurs are going to turn your kids, meaning your sons, trans. That fascist posturing has led to fascist tendencies on the American right that worship tough-guy — well, fake tough-guy Trump — who even as a ghostly presence can reign as a party boss.”

There she goes again with her brand of speculative racism. Reid always gives her audience what her opponent’s words “translate ” into but it’s always her translation, and she always spices the words she puts into other people’s mouths with racist comments based on the conjecture that doesn’t fit the situation.

Remember,  this is a woman who had homophobic blogs she allegedly posted on her website that she didn’t own up to. Instead, she said her website was hacked, but never provided evidence that I know of.

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