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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Catches Heat From Twitter’s Leftists Because he Asked if Joe Biden Will Keep a Campaign Promise

NBC political director and MSNBC host Chuck Todd was ripped down by many leftists on social media for asking if then President-elect Joe Biden would be able to keep his promise on the coronavirus pandemic.  The answer is of course not.

Recently on “Meet the Press” Todd mentioned polls results that revealed that many Americans believe the country is very divided and will stay that way for many years to come.  That’s what happens when the socialists assume power and try to force people to do things that go against human nature.

“Let’s be realistic, Biden’s first and most crucial task is to vaccinate America, to fulfill that promise of 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days,” Todd said.  That’s not going to happen and useful idiots like Chuck Todd will blame the Trump administration for Biden’s failures.  The Woke Supremacists are angry because they don’t want it exposed that Joe Biden is going to be an unmitigated disaster of a president.

“The ultimate success or failure of his presidency may hinge simply on that one promise that he made and it might be his only way to begin immediately cauterizing America’s social, economic, and political wounds,” he continued.  Joe Biden created many of America’s social, economic, and political wounds.  He launched his 2020 campaign on the Charlottesville lie.  What makes anyone think he’s going to try to unify the country?  For Woke Supremacists, you unify a country by forcing people to agree with you or silence them.  They offer no alternative.

“Let’s put it this way if Biden wants to succeed he has to fulfill that first vaccination promise,” he concluded. “If Biden doesn’t get it right, he will have failed on the job he was elected to do.”

The reaction was swift and ugly.

Many leftists spit fire-and-brimstone of fury on social media at Todd for the audacity of saying such a thing, and also at MSNBC for allowing Todd to remain employed by MSNBC, which really stands for More Silly Nonsense By Communists.

“For years I’ve been on this platform telling you about the lack of professionalism and lack of journalistic ethics in @chucktodd’s daily broadcasts. A lot of you saw it today. But it’s been happening for years and it is past time for @MSNBC to do something about it,” said novelist Don Winslow.

Think about that.  The Left is complaining about Chuck Todd the leftist cheerleader having a lack of journalistic ethics.  The campaign to begin eating their own has begun.  It’s still hilarious though that the Left believes Todd has a lack of journalistic ethics for the complete opposite reasons that the benighted Deplorable’s believe that Todd has a lack of journalistic ethics.

I even said so.

“If you agree that Chuck Todd is already a failure before Joe Biden is sworn in, then raise your hand,” Grant Stern, a progressive activist tweeted.

“Chuck todd, before Biden is even sworn in… talking about his push for vaccines: ‘if Biden doesn’t get it right, he will have failed in the job he was elected to do’ i repeat: Biden is not even sworn in yet,” said liberal activist Oliver Willis.

“I’ve been trying to hold my tongue. But I’m done. F @chucktodd. That’s what I said. F. #ChuckTodd. Once more for the kids in the back: #F***CHUCKTODD!!!!” ranted leftist actor Matt Walton.

Liberals are so nuts about conformity to the Woke Supremacy that they actually went off on Todd back in August for having a Republican on the “Meet the Press” panel with a bunch of leftist journalists.

Chuck Todd is always in the running for Dumbest Anchor on Cable News, battling it out each month with Brian Stelter from CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”  Stelter usually holds the title month after month but sometimes Chuck Todd eats his Wheaties and comes out punching for the title.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Robert Vickers

    January 21, 2021 at 5:54 am

    Wow, that didn’t take long

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