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MSNBC: Keeping Kids Away From Drag Shows Is Now ‘Extreme’ And ‘Violent’

How did we get here?

I, sort of, see this as a slam on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis because the left is terrified he will run for president in 2024. If you watch their news feeds you will see they’re trying to spin the governor as ‘worse than Trump’ which is liberal-talk for ‘he’s the devil’.

“You have multiple lawmakers now talking about making it illegal to bring your child to drag events, which is just so bizarre, and ordinarily would seem like such a fringe idea. But this is being talked about by the likes of Ron DeSantis, who very well may run for president in a few years,” Journalist Parker Molloy stressed.

Molloy and host Chris Hayes paint conservatives who oppose children attending drag shows as a “threat to be around children.” On screen, it read, “The far right threat: Right wing extremists ramp up LGBTQ hate.”

“That’s scary. This is an idea that has become so mainstream on the right. And it’s a scary time,” the transgender activist and former editor for left-leaning media watchdog Media Matters told Hayes.

The MSNBC host agreed, calling opposition to kids at drag shows “extreme” and “violent.”


Earlier this year, the left deemed DeSantis’s parent’s choice bill as the ‘don’t say gay law’ because it blocked CRT and trans curriculum in the classroom. They have since turned up the rhetoric and are now claiming that the government will go on a witchhunt to find trans children in their homes.

They’re leaving zero middle ground, as usual, and continue to demonize people who support traditional values or who want to keep schools educational and not a place to push woke and political ideologies.

This rhetoric coupled with the White Houses’ announcement of their new online harassment task force makes me very concerned about where this is all headed.

Erica Carlin
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