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MSNBC Hosts Taliban Leader Before Biden Comes On

Something very curious happened on Monday before Democrat Joe Biden spoke for the first time about the days-old catastrophe that is unfolding in Afghanistan. Before Biden was shown, MSNBC the far-left network hosted a spokesman for the Taliban.

“Leave it to MSNBC to legitimize the Taliban by bringing on their spokesperson before they brought Biden on” one poster wrote on Twitter. 

According to one political watcher from Newsbusters, on Twitter ,who chronicled the interview:

“MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin just takes this B.S. from the Taliban spokesperson after asking whether they’re “committing mass executions”: “These allegations are totally baseless. Totally wrong. They are the propaganda spread…to mislead the opinion of the world against us.”

More Islamic propaganda from the Taliban spokesman that goes unchecked on claims about Taliban fighters going door-to-door: “I totally deny. If…they are posing as Taliban, they are not Taliban. They may be from the former [regime]…in order to create a bad name for us.”

Taliban terrorist masquerading as a spokesperson insists that Americans are going to be allowed to leave the country safely. And MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin is just totally moving right along.

MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin: “Will you go after and punish those that worked with the Americans while they were there if they don’t leave the country?” Taliban spox: “We want them not to leave the country. To live a normal life. Our country needs them.” [Signal then cuts out]”

“Guest on MSNBC just said the taliban have “our biometric database” of everyone who worked for US and are using it at checkpoints. When / how did that happen? Was that a massive story at the time or wtf? They used AF as a testing ground for biometrics and this is how it ends up?” Amanda Milius reported. 

WATCH: MSNBC reports it’s been a ‘relatively peaceful’ takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban

“They haven’t had to fire a lot of shots, there hasn’t been a lot of bloodshed in Kabul, it was a pretty straightforward takeover for them. They’ve also taken over the airport.”

WATCH: MSNBC reports it's been a 'relatively peaceful' takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban
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Reports from MSNBC said that the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban as American and allied forces flee the area has been “relatively peaceful.”
Ali Arouzi said “The country is essentially now in the hands of the Taliban for all intents and purposes. They’ve taken over Kabul. The president, or should I right now say the former president of Afghanistan, has fled the country.”
“The Taliban has taken over the presidential palace. They’ve renamed the country the Islamic Emirates, they’ve taken down the Afghan flag, and hoisted up their own colors. And it’s been a relatively peaceful, if you like, process,” Arouzi said.
“They haven’t had to fire a lot of shots, there hasn’t been a lot of bloodshed in Kabul, it was a pretty straightforward takeover for them. They’ve also taken over the airport. There’s been reports of shots fired at the airport, and Taliban fighters are all over the place,” Arouzi reported.
“But they’re not in any sort of clashes with US personnel,” he said, “although, commercial flights have so far been suspended, military evacuation flights are still taking place. And I think from what we understand right now, most of the US personnel are at the airport now, trying to get on to various evacuation flights out of the country, with very few security personnel left at the embassy, burning what’s left of sensitive paperwork.”
This comes as additional reporting from Ahmer Khan shows gunfire at the airport, with people running all over the place, and the Wall Street Journal reports that three are dead at that airport as people try to escape the country.
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