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MSNBC Host Says White People Need To Have Will Smith Slap Explained Because They Don’t Understand The ‘Nuance to What Happened’


On Sunday, Tiffany Cross, host of MSNBC‘s “The Cross Connection,” tried to explain for white people the whole thing about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the Academy Awards ceremony, saying that white people don’t understand why black people didn’t want white people discussing the incident.

I’m a white guy and I discussed what I saw. I had no idea as a white person that I wasn’t supposed to talk about it. Next thing you know, social media tech tyrants will start to censor white people commenting on things black people do in front of the whole world. This is a ludicrous topic.

So now the leftist MSNBC conspiracy freaks don’t even want white people to talk about things that affected them? White people watched Will Smith assault Chris Rock on live television. Of course, they have the right to talk about it. But more importantly, who do these news hosts think they are telling white people they shouldn’t discuss what was shoved in their faces by Will Smith?

To add to Cross’s racist insults, Michael Harriot, a columnist for “TheGrio,” said that it’s “hard to explain to a white person what’s the difference between an open-handed slap and a punch,” adding that “they consider it all violent.”

Um, slapping someone in the face is violent. Hello? You can be charged with a crime for doing that. The police wanted to charge Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock in the face, and Rock asked them not to arrest him.

Leftists tell us that not using their “proper pronouns” is an act of violence, but slapping someone directly in the face is not? On what planet do these people live?

To me, it sounds like leftists misinformation news media folks trying to make excuses for the boorish, violent behavior of Will Smith.

Cross said there was “nuance to what happened” and likened it to a guest commenting on an incident inside someone else’s home.

There’s no nuance there. An assault took place. There’s no subtle difference or a shading of the meaning of what happened.

“I will try to put this in context for our white fellow countrymen as best I can,” Cross said (because white people are just too darn stupid to understand). “And really, truly, black America, there’s a commonality amongst us all. And if we went to a white person’s home, and it was their family dinner, and we were sitting at the table, and the mother hauled off and slapped the father. And everybody at the table has an opinion. You know, the sister is like, ‘Mom, you always do this.’ And the brother is like, ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this.’ And Dad is like, ‘You’re terrible.’ If I weigh in as the guest in this home and I say, ‘Yeah, you guys are terrible.’ Everybody’s like, ‘I’m sorry. When did you get an opinion? This is our family table.'”

That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The stage at the Academy Awards is not a private setting for the people standing on it. Everyone watching the Oscars that night, the tens of fans viewing, saw a crime committed on live television. The rest of the world saw it on YouTube and Rumble. If I went to someone’s house for dinner and witnessed a crime, I am going to talk about it and if someone came to my house and witnessed a crime; I expect them to talk about it, especially if, like in the dopey example given, everyone else is talking about it.

What is it with leftists and trying to silence other people? Why invite any person over for dinner if you expect them to behave differently from everyone else? When my family invites someone over for dinner, we don’t think of the person as someone who comes to eat our food and they better not have an opinion of anything that goes on!

She added, “That’s what this moment felt like for many of us. And there’s a nuance to what happened that we should get into.”

So, white people talking about witnessing Will Smith assaulting Chris Rock by slapping him in the face is an affront to black people. Did I get that right?

What if the two brothers who attacked Jussie Smollett were invited over for dinner? Is there an exception for that? This is all very confusing. After all, I am only a white guy. Can someone please send me the rules? #SMH


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