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MSNBC and The Atlantic Claim ‘30 Million People’ Ready to Take Up Arms for Trump

The Democrats are in a bad position even though they own the White House, Senate, and House. But, they are also in a bad spot because since they control everything, they are bound to come up with asinine policies voters hate.

In all probability, they will lose the Senate and the House next year and the presidency in 2024. It’s called failure through success. They have actually done better when they were not in control.

Why? I’ll give you five reasons. John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell. You could mug these five by mail. I know people are going to disagree with me on Gowdy, but he was a big immigration RINO and worked closely with Paul Ryan.

After the 2022 midterm election, we must do away with McCarthy and McConnell from leadership. It’s bad enough we have to deal with an enemy from without, but to deal with an enemy from within is too much to bear.

But, now the Democrats and their willing lapdogs in the media must demonize President Trump no matter how ridiculous the charges are. And speaking of ridiculous, The Atlantic published a story in which they claim that 30 million Trump supporters are ready to pick up guns and resort to violence.

PMSDNC then took up the mantle and repeated the phony claims. You will hear it next on The View and from Chris Wallace at his new home on CNN.

The Atlantic’s farrago of half-truths, lies, and propaganda was called “Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun,” and it picks up where the J6 myth left off.

The Atlantic’s Barton Gellman wrote breathlessly, “the ballots cast by American voters will not decide the presidency in 2024.” That may be true, they certainly didn’t matter in 2020.

From PJ Media

Now there are plenty of Republicans who believe that the Democrats are plotting to do exactly that, but as far as Gellman is concerned, that’s exactly the problem: he claims that in their belief that Leftists are destroying democracy, conservatives will destroy democracy and that the leader of this nefarious endeavor is (who else?) none other than Donald J. Trump. Gellman quotes Richard L. Hasen, a professor of law and political science at UC Irvine: “The democratic emergency is already here. We face a serious risk that American democracy as we know it will come to an end in 2024, but urgent action is not happening.”

It is to bring about such urgent action that The Atlantic published this piece, and on Sunday’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked MSNBC analyst John Heilemann about it: “I want to read what Bart Gellman wrote in the cover story for The Atlantic. Some might say it is hyperbolic, but John Heilemann, I’m curious if you think it is? The headline is Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun. ‘Trump and his party convinced a dauntingly large number of Americans, that the essential workings of democracy are corrupt, that the made-up claims of fraud are true, that only cheating can thwart their victory at their polls, that tyranny usurped their government and that violence is a legitimate response.’ Hyperbolic or fact?”


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