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MS-13 Behind Voter Fraud Case in California….Tried to Elect a Member to Office

Two men faked 8,000 mail in votes in order to become the mayor of Hawthorne, California. As it turns out, the plot was an effort to put an MS-13 into public office.

They tried using the same methods that the Democrats used against Republicans. Phantom voters.

Carlos Montenegro and Marco Arevalo pleaded not guilty to various voter fraud charges.

Montenegro set up a fake non profit named  “Homeless Votes Matter” in July.


Montenegro and his accomplices began sending out the voter registration applications in July and continued up until October when election officials flagged a suspicious amount of ballots registered at the same address.

The prosecutor revealed the operation was being funded by notorious street gang MS-13 in order to place Montenegro in office so they could have an ally in the city.


The conspiracy charge alleges that Montenegro submitted and filed signed nomination papers containing 41 signatures and addresses to the city clerk this summer and that just 18 of the names, addresses and signatures on the nomination papers were validated by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s Office.

The conspiracy charge also alleges that Montenegro was subsequently issued write-in candidate nomination papers and that he “submitted and filed signed write-in candidate nomination papers containing 32 signatures and addresses for fictitious, non-existent or deceased person” with the city clerk’s office.

The plotters were not so bright as the Democrats though. If they were they would have known to use the name of real people in their petitions.

The plotters used three mail boxes as well as Montenegro’s home address to send in the ballot applications.

I really don’t know why they bothered.

Electing a Democrat is not much different than electing one of their own members.

From PJ Media

This was a wholly amateur operation from start to finish and authorities had no problem catching the fraud and the fraudsters. There are far more sophisticated efforts that are not as easily detectable.

The confidence level of many people in the ability of state election authorities to ferret out serious fraud is low. A congressional investigation would be too partisan. What’s needed is an independent panel of election security, law enforcement, and cyber experts to fully examine the numerous charges of fraud from the 2020 election to restore the people’s confidence in the electoral process.

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