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Mother and Daughter Team Enter Middle School, Assault 3 Students For Bullying a Relative, But They Were the Wrong Students

On Wednesday, two adult women, mother and daughter, stormed into a middle school in South Carolina accost students who they thought were bullying a relative and the two wound up beating up 3 students, and none of them bullied their relative.


The dynamic duo of dumb dumbs, Mamie Smith, 67, and daughter Whitney Smith, 32, were arrested on charges of third-degree assault by mob and disturbing schools, and now are sitting in jail, according to The State.

They walked into the Ebenezer Middle School in Dalzell, SC. Once there, they buzzed the front entrance and told a staffer they wanted to visit the attendance office, the sheriff’s office told the outlet.

Once they gained access to the school, the two ran down the hallway, pushing a female student up against the wall, hitting and scratching her head and face, The State reported.

The school resource officer contacted the sheriff’s office around 2:30 pm regarding a fight that was still in progress. The State reported that another student was also being pushed and assaulted, while a third student was assaulted before the officers arrived and were able to apprehend the mother and daughter. Lovely family.

One of the students was transported to a hospital while the other two were released to their parents. One of the two students released to their parents was for medical treatment, the outlet said.

The two adult women attackers not only broke the law by assaulting minors but they physically attacked students who had done nothing wrong.


“Our investigation showed that the students who were viciously attacked were not even the students who these subjects believed had bullied their family member,” Sheriff Anthony Dennis said, according to the outlet. “The fact is, the students who were reported as bullying these [women’s] family member [were] actually in the office being dealt with when this attack took place.”

They took both women to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center. Bond was set at $10,000 per woman on the combined charges, according to the sheriff’s office. Jail records show that both are still behind bars.

Both women could face a year in prison if convicted on the third-degree assault by mob charge. They could also face a maximum 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted of the disturbing schools charge, which is a misdemeanor.

“This type of behavior is criminal and should never be considered – the appropriate way to deal with matters,” Sheriff Dennis added, according to The State.


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