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More Spending Bill Hell: Waiver for Biden’s Defense Secretary Pick Hidden in the Mix

The DC swamp has passed a “relief package” for themselves to make up for all of the lost prizes and goodies they wanted for themselves and their foreign associates, that they feel they lost under President Donald J. Trump. In that bill are more than a few surprises for the American people and a lesson in how DC swamp creatures look out for each other and assert their dominance over free people.

“You can’t trust them. You can’t trust the Democrats. We all know this. If you give them an inch, they take a mile. We’ve all seen this movie. So, as the government was on the verge of a shutdown, they tried to get a little sneaky regarding Joe Biden’s secretary of defense pick. They tried to sneak a waiver into the spending bill, whose text has, as of this post being written at 12:07 PM, not been released,” Matt Vespa wrote in his article, Democrats Tried to ‘QB Sneak’ a Waiver for Biden’s Defense Secretary Pick into Spending Bill, for TownHall.

Axios reported:

“Democrats are trying to tuck a waiver allowing retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to serve as President-elect Joe Biden’s defense secretary into a year-end government funding bill that must pass by tonight to avoid a shutdown, three sources familiar with the push tell Axios.

Attaching the waiver to the omnibus would give political cover to some Democrats, including at least four on the Senate Armed Services Committee who have already gone on record opposing it.

Austin, a four-star Army general who retired in 2016, has not yet been out of uniform for seven years as required by law.

If the move succeeds, Austin still would need to win confirmed from a Senate majority, but this would clear a hurdle that has complicated his prospects.”

Stories abound with details of monies being taken from the US Taxpayer and given to foreign countries and for projects for all sorts of things Americans would not support if given a chance to say no, while the critters on the Hill claim this relief is for our own good. They tell us they are, in fact, “rescuing us” while giving us back a tiny allowance out of what they took from us.

All of a sudden everyone is getting along just fine in DC, while they work at funding each other:

Twitter reported in their promoted article on the massive spending bill that enriches most of Washington DC and the outlying areas of Virginia:

“Following months of delays, both the House and the Senate late Monday gave the green light to a $900-billion COVID-19 relief package as part of a $2.3-trillion government spending and economic relief bill. The bill, which is 5,593 pages long, will now go to President Donald Trump to sign it into law. The COVID-19 portion of the bill would provide direct payments and jobless aid to struggling Americans and funds for small businesses, hospitals, schools, and vaccine distribution. In contrast, the $1.4-trillion government spending portion will be used to fund federal agencies through fiscal 2021.”

In a final 2020 betrayal to the American people proving to us that our own civil servants have nothing but disdain for real-life Americans, after a year of monumental struggles, Washington DC will get in its final punishment upon people for supporting Trump; they will make themselves richer from what is left of our livelihoods, and destroy the Republic.

Not all civil servants are hellbent on destruction, however. A few holdouts remain:

This story is still developing.. President Trump has yet to sign the bill.

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