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MO Homeowners May Be First Case to Test Self Defense in Suburbs during a “Protest-Riot”

A married couple,  homeowners and both lawyers in Missouri were caught in a firestorm of protestors late in June when a group of BLM members entered an upscale neighborhood marauding through the residential area after very public violent protests in the area,  and seeking revenge from the Mayor of the town, who also lived in the area.

Before the mob could reach their intended destination they encountered Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who said they felt threatened and had been given death threats by the mob at the time, so they got their weapons and stood outside their home ready to defend their lives and their property.

Live footage of the event went viral on social media, the TV and print media picked the story up and debated over the couple’s right to defend themselves and their property, versus the freedom of speech and freedom to protest of the mob.

The McCloskeys went on Hannity and Patricia McCloskey said,”the mob said they were going to kill us. They were going to come in there. They were going to burn down the house.” 

They went on Tucker and Mark McCloskey said, “the media is right behind the mob. We had a loud crowd of angry people and they are supporting these entities which are, from my understanding, they are Marxist and oppose everything that I stand for and I hold dear and near.”

The DA of St. Louis, Kim Gardner, who reportedly previously released rioters and looters, investigated the couple and had their weapons removed, saying that the McCloskeys, in standing their ground infringed upon the rights of the mob.

Breitbart reported about Gardner saying, “Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R) reacted to reports that a search warrant was served by St. Louis police on the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey by stating that Missouri law gives individuals “really expansive authority” to protect themselves and their property and said that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner (D) “has a record of making politically-motivated decisions not based on the law.”

Schmitt said that under the state’s Castle Doctrine law, “an individual has really expansive authority to protect their own lives, their home, and their property. And I think the story here to watch here is the local prosecutor, Kim Gardner.”

Bookmark that-Gardner is a Democrat.

The Republican Senator Senator Josh Hawley called for federal authorities to investigate a Civil Rights investigation against Gardner.

According to the Hill, “Republican Gov. Mike Parson suggested on Friday that he was prepared to pardon a St. Louis couple if charges were filed against them for brandishing firearms at a group of protesters outside their home.”

During an interview on “The Marc Cox Morning Show” on 97.1 FM in St. Louis, Parson was asked about giving a pardon to the McCloskeys.

But Gardner said that she would look into the events, noting at the outset of her probe that “we will not tolerate the use of force against those exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Parson strongly pushed back against the impetus for the investigation, saying that the McCloskeys “did what they legally should do.”

And there is what could be a landmark of case in the making, and something every suburban dweller should be paying close attention to.

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