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Missouri Court Makes New Ruling Against the McCloskeys Even After They Received a Pardon By Governor

The McCloskeys are back in the news. They are the married couple from Missouri who made national headlines back in 2020 during the Black Lives Matter Summer of Love nightly riots when a group of thugs broke into their gated community and the McCloskeys both stood on their front lawn with weapons drawn to defend themselves and their property. They are both attorneys.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey faced down a mob of people who were up to no good. We can say that because they broke through a locked gate onto private property. The McCloskeys, like everyone else in America, watched the news and knew that mobs like that attacked people and damaged private property in cities across the country and so they were within their legal rights to put up a defense.

Leftists who sympathized with the rioters across America were angry that the McCloskeys dared use their Second Amendment and other rights to defend themselves, arguing that it was the McCloskeys who broke the law. They had to go through the legal system because a George Soros funded Circuit Attorney (prosecutor) for St. Louis, Kim Gardner, charged the McCloskeys and none of the criminals who broke through a locked gate and onto private property to do no good.

Leftists in prosecutor’s offices want to send a message that using your Second Amendment right to protect yourself can get your charged with a crime.

In the end, the McCloskeys were given a pardon by Missouri Governor Mike Parson because the leftists in the St. Louis justice system were not doing their jobs. In fact, they were doing the exact opposite of their jobs. They are a disgrace.

So, you would think that their problems have ended after receiving a pardon for charges for crimes they never committed. And you would be wrong.

The Missouri Supreme Court has now indefinitely suspended the McCloskey’s law licenses and placed them on probation. How can a court do that after they received a pardon? They can’t, but they did. This is the world we live in.

The Court stayed the suspension and put them on probation, stating that so long as they follow the conditions set for their probation, and they do “not engage in conduct that violates the Rules of Professional Conduct,” they can continue to practice law. So how can they do that?

The state Supreme Court claimed that because the McCloskeys pleaded guilty, even though they were pardoned afterward, the court felt it had the authority to make the disciplinary ruling. They probably pleaded guilty because Gardner is a radical leftist who would have taken them to trial and these days, who knows what would have happened there? We do not have a working justice system anymore.

In June 2021, Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment. Republican Gov. Mike Parson later pardoned them. Tuesday’s state Supreme Court disciplinary ruling was based on the fact that they pleaded guilty.

Mark McCloskey is currently running for a US Senate seat as a Republican. Both Mark and Patricia were honored speakers at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

This is what Soros justice looks like.

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