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Minneapolis BLM Activist Is Arrested in Waukesha for Threatening Judge in Police Shooting Trial

Minneapolis BLM activist Cortez Rice has been arrested for trig to intimidate the judge in the Kim Potter trial. Potter is accused of manslaughter in the case of the shooting of Daunte Wright. Rice says that he is the nephew of George Floyd. He was arrested in Waukesha. He claimed that he knew people who were taking pictures of the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse hoax trial.  Funny, he wasn’t arrested for intimidating the jury for that.

He is being held in Waukesha awaiting extradition to Minneapolis. Rice has been charged with felony harassment with aggravated violations — tampering with a juror or retaliating against a judicial office. It is not currently known why Rice is in Waukesha but he had been very active in trying to stir up the jury in the Rittenhouse trial, taking place in Kenosha, but he was trying to intimidate the jury by saying they were having their pictures taken by someone he knew in case the verdict was not guilty.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty and unexpectedly, no violence was incurred by the city. He may have been in Waukesha trying to get sympathy for Darrell Brooks, who is accused of murdering six people and injuring 62 more after he drove through the Christmas parade there. It was a high-powered event that has stirred up the entire community. The mainstream media and the usual cast of Democratic politicians have been trying to muddy the waters on the event and to counteract the video evidence.

From The Gateway Pundit

“Rice is accused of participating in a Nov. 6 demonstration outside a downtown Minneapolis condominium complex he and others believed to be where Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu lived. The alleged purpose was to intimidate her to allow a camera inside the courtroom for Potter’s trial,” Fox News reports.

According to the criminal complaint, Rice livestreamed himself entering the judge’s apartment building on YouTube. “We on her heels,” he is heard saying in the video, according to court documents. “What she think … we want cameras. The people deserve to know.”

Another protester he was with during the visit to the judge’s home could be heard threatening that it was just a “trial run” and that they “would be back.”

Opening arguments in Potter’s trial begin on Wednesday.

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