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Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO to Release Documentary Film Today On 2020 Election Fraud

Mike Lindell is the Founder and CEO of the MyPillow company that has gone through the wringer as of late for the hate crime of Lindell supporting President Donald Trump in his efforts to show that the 2020 election was in fact stolen by Democrats.  Lindell is planning to release a three-hour-long movie on Friday about alleged (I only use that word to avoid lawsuits) election fraud in the 2020 US presidential election.

Lindell has spent millions of his own dollars hiring top-quality data forensics and cyber experts, investigators, and whistleblowers who are in the know with how much election fraud took place in all the key battleground states during the 2020 election.

The movie that Lindell has titled “Absolute Proof” is not very likely to stop criticisms the CEO and his company is receiving for simply asking for a legitimate hearing of the evidence that forms mountains, completely ignored by the CNNs of the world.  Instead, we saw liberal courts reject cases brought to prove election fraud only to have the media report that the said cases were rejected for lack of evidence.  That right there was a fraud perpetrated against the American people as the complainants were never allowed to even present their evidence.

On Wednesday, during interviews to promote the film, Lindell claimed he made it after he realized his efforts garnered “100% proof” that President Trump was defeated in November’s election because of an alleged Chinese cyberattack.

I watched a video of a Chinese professor who spoke to an audience in China on a television show where he openly bragged about how the Chinese government helped Biden win and he went on to allege that the Communist Chinese Party now had a puppet inside the White House.  He also said that they can control Wall Street but they knew they could never control Donald Trump.


Lindell also repeated accusations about votes being “flipped” in favor of Joe Biden by Dominion voting machines, which has a history of doing that in countries that our new government is trying to emulate.  He called Trump “the real president” and described his defeat as a “communist coup.”

Members of law enforcement on Election Day said they found no evidence of any malicious activity that led to the election ending differently.  First of all, on Election Day itself, you’re not going to find more than circumstantial evidence, because it is impossible to claim you did any kind of in-depth analysis of voter data in the key battleground states where the most election fraud occurred on the same day that the fraud was occurring. That’s just common sense.  And those who report that kind of nonsense about the federal government’s investigation completely ignore all the investigations that were done at the state level which uncovered massive mountains of evidence of election fraud.  We have already reported on each key battleground states where the evidence mounted proof of election fraud, and in each instance, liberal courts refused to hear the evidence.

The MyPillow guy has remained steadfast in his resolve to prove that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.  I could spend another ten thousand words describing everything that the world already knows about how the Democrats stole the election, but at this point, I won’t waste your time with things you more than likely already know.  Lindell’s resolve has led to his company people boycotted and he has been banned on many social media platforms, platforms that act like publishers.

In the face of all the tyranny that the Woke Supremacy has thrown at the man like major retail outlets dropping MyPillow products and Twitter banning him and his company to facing a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit which will die in court so long as the court isn’t a Woke tool of the Supremacy because in order to prove defamation you have to prove that the person who said what you claim to be false is actually false and you have to prove that they knew it was false and on top of that you have to prove that you lost money professionally by it.  Dominion Voting Systems can not prove all of that, but Mike Lindell may just prove he’s right and that’s why many in the media, including some frightened folks in conservative media, are doing their best to make Lindell appear to be some conspiracy nut.

While all the hate keeps piling up on this crusader for truth, Lindell has put together a  crew to create his film after he received what he has described as a “miracle from God.”  They allegedly produced the film in just five days.

Lindell said during a radio interview that he has been hiding out and is being protected by “heavy security” admitting that he made the movie with the protection of former Navy SEALs.

“We’ve put this together, and it’s, I want to say, 100 times better than I could have imagined,” the MyPillow exec said.

While promoting his film during another interview on YouTube’s The Revival Channel, Lindell said that his film is “the most important documentary you ever watch in history.”

“Coming Friday, I have put together this documentary, it’s three hours long, that shows every, 100%, the theft by China and these other countries, this cyberattack on our country here, that took, that flipped votes,” Lindell said.

“I think God waited until now to make this movie. Because you know what? It’s 11:59, guys. It’s 11:59. And you know what? That miracle that’s coming, and it’s coming, and I’m telling you, Friday is the start,” he added.

The film will be made available online and on cable TV.  The only thing he has to worry about now is being censored by the Woke Supremacy oligarchs who make no mistake about it will try to suppress the movie from ever being shown.

Godspeed and God Bless Mike Lindell.



  1. Jim Sutton

    February 5, 2021 at 7:41 am

    Is the video still going to be aired on OAN and if so, what time? If not aired on OAN, where can it be viewed.

  2. Ronna McDonald

    February 5, 2021 at 6:41 pm

    I dont onow where your link is to the documentary from Mike L, but here is one

  3. Leonard Duane Evans Jr

    February 5, 2021 at 10:32 pm

    Hurry up and get this fixed they are killing our country!

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