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Mike Davis, Founder and President of the Article III Project, Say These Seven People Must Be Impeached in 2023

Attorney Mike Davis produces a list of 7 people Republicans must impeach.

Mike Davis, the founder, and president of the Article III Project has laid out the names of seven people who must be impeached immediately after the Republicans take over the House. Of course, none will actually be removed from their jobs, but even a simple majority would leave a black mark on their resumes. I notice that he left off one of the most popular impeachment targets from his list. See if you can identify the missing person:

Here are the corrupt officials named by Mike Davis:

** Attorney General Merrick Garland
** Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco
** Assistant AG for the Criminal Division Kenneth Polite
** FBI Director Chris Wray
** US Attorney Jennifer Aber (Virginia)
** US Attorney Erek Barron (Maryland)
** US Attorney in DC Matthew Graves

Davis is a former law clerk for Justice Gorsuch. His organization seeks to protect constitutionalist judges and to make sure the rule of the is still embedded in Ukraine.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday Mike Davis told Steve Bannon and the War Room audience that Republicans must begin impeachment proceedings against seven Biden DOJ officials.

For the past 10 years the DOJ has ignored criminal actions by Democrats and their terrorist organizations while at the same time abusing Republicans, running an illegal coup against President Trump, and locking up Trump supporters in isolation for over a year without due process or the option of bail for misdemeanors and first offenders.

Mike Davis told The War Room audience Tuesday that Republicans, for starters, must begin impeachment proceedings against at least seven Biden officials when they take back Congress next year.

The Biden Department of Justice is selective in enforcing the law and they are inviting illegal attacks on the Supreme Court Justices’ homes. They’re inviting the assassination attempts and they’re inviting the violent attacks on the pro-Life pregnancy centers.

It is no secret that Biden and his henchmen  cabinet has weaponized the FBI and DOJ and there is a big sign there that says, “No Complaints About the Radical Biden Agenda Accepted.”

Steven Ahle
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