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Michael Moore Proposes 28th Amendment to Replace 2nd Amendment

The scary thing is some people agree with him.

Liberals despise firearms because it makes them uncomfortable to think that the problem with the current violent culture was created by their own ideologies. So they blame the gun instead of the person pulling the trigger.

They seem to believe that guns can kill on their own accord, without the aid of humans with mental issues or who are just plain evil.

They want to hold gun makers accountable because of this, yet they never seem to be as outraged with the shooters.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. In the bible we are told that Cain merely required a rock to murder his brother.

Others make use of a wide range of items, including knives, ropes, water, poison, narcotics, and explosives.

Criminals will still get their hands on firearms even if liberals were successful in their efforts and managed to entirely ban them in the United States.

They tend to forget that criminals don’t obey the law. Just look at what happened earlier this month in Japan.

Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the entire world and practically any sort of interaction with guns is illegal unless you’re police or military. Yet, somehow a criminal was able to manufacture a gun and assassinate the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe.

Liberal gun-grabber advocate and not-so-great filmmaker Michael Moore recently wrote a proposal for a new 28th Amendment which introduces new and much stricter gun laws.

You can tell that they were written more out of emotion than they were logic, but that’s how liberals literally operate. They are fueled on emotion with the inability to use logic.

I’m going to sum up the sections of the Amendment, but they I’ll provide you with the link so you can read the whole thing if you’d like to read his nonsense.


Section 1: People have the right to be kept safe from gun violence and this Amendment repeals and replaces the 2nd Amendment.

Section 2: Congress will make a mandatory gun registration database. You can only have guns if you are a licensed hunter, licensed for shooting ranges, or can demonstrate that you need it for personal protection (but they’ll probably refuse to grant you permission).

You will have a thorough background check and they’ll interview your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to make sure that they all approve of you having one. You also have to wait a month.

Section 3: If you are approved, you must take a yearly firearm safety class and written test to keep it.

Section 4: Firearm license renewal is on a yearly basis and you must be at least 25 years old.

Section 5: Congress decides what guns are permitted, but all automatic and semi-automatic weapons are banned. Guns and magazines that hold more than 6 bullets are also banned. Plastic guns or guns made with homemade equipment are also banned.

Section 6: Congress regulates the entire gun industry and all that comes with it including gun locks, sights, and sales.

Section 7: Trained police will undergo continual monitoring and any racist or violent behavior will result in the officer being dismissed.

Section 8: You aren’t grandfathered into this Amendment. You have one month to get things in order and turn in your illegal guns.

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