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Michael Beatty Wrote the Songtrack for the Trump Revolution

The singer details his passion for America turning news into songs on his phone, like his passionate anthem Awake, which he recently wrote for the world. 

Michael Beatty has been around the Hollywood music scene and played with big names, and been around the music scene of the Americans Mega Churches, so he gets it.  Beatty knows the famous and the trials and tribulations of fame, yet he stays grounded in just being a patriot, traveling around with his guitar on his back, looking for ways to tug at heartstrings and instill a love of American, rather than focusing on making bucks. 

“All of my music is free on my site.  It is about freedom for Grandkids, not making money,” Beatty told me. “I do all of my work on my phone, and it’s very grassroots.  I like it that way,” he said. 

“The music started with my shit posting. I just took it to the net level and added some music,” Beatty said.

At his site Beaty has been at it making his Patriotic music videos for almost a year now, he says it is ongoing work in process. But in reality, he has great success already with his other soundtracks, the Patriot stuff is what he is focused on now, and he is getting attention: 

“Welcome to my World. This site is an ongoing project. I’ve written lots of songs & made lots of videos, and it’ll take a while to add everything. Also, I’ll be uploading new stuff as well. I’m looking forward to the process & so thankful you’ve stopped by,” you’ll find at this site, where you can get plenty of free downloads.

He posts them on his Twitter account as well:

Beatty’s style is unique, blending footage from news stories to his original music, as one of his most popular that he is very proud of about the First Lady, Melania Trump. 

“I found footage of her from the White House Channel, and I wanted to make sure people saw it because Melania really is our American Jewel, so I wrote it out and made a video,” Beatty told me.

“It takes me about 12 hours to make a video from start to finish, Beatty said.  “I like using footage like the footage at the end of the Wonder Years, you know real Americana.”

“I would say that Sidney Powell is a big fan of mine, and I like that.  I like exhorting saints,” he told me.

“Awake is one I wrote for the world. It is what I call the common folk movement. We haven’t forgotten the tragedies of the world, and music can connect us. Some great people have retweeted me, and I like the idea of using that to reach new people. I like it when telling me they tailgate before MAGA rallies to my songs, that is my contribution,” Betty told me.

Beatty will make his first trip to DC soon.

“That is my legacy and what I want to give to America, so my Patriotic songs are free. Ill be in DC because I think it is going to be like Woodstock meets the March on Washington with MLK,” he said.

So Beatty will be in DC for the Trump rallies on the 6th and plans to walk around with his guitar on his back and meet some great patriots. If we are lucky, he will write a new song.

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