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Michael Avenatti Heads To a Courtroom To Answer Charges That He Scammed Stormy Daniels Out of Money

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who tried to go after Trump and lost, is scheduled to go on trial Monday in Manhattan for allegedly bilking former porn star Stormy Daniels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was hired to represent her, and he allegedly spent more time going on CNN and MSNBC to be used as a tool to trash former President Donald Trump than he did working her case.

Avenatti is accused of cheating his former client, Ms. Daniels, out of about $300,000 that she was supposed to be paid for a 2018 advance on a book about her alleged affair with Trump. I feel sorry for Daniels in that she was used by Avenatti and the media. I read somewhere that she allegedly said she never gave him the go ahead to file the lawsuit. He just did it himself. I also read that Daniels, at one point, allegedly complained that Avenatti wasn’t telling her what he was spending the money on that came from a Go Fund Me page he started for the ex porn star. There was also a rumor that went around that Avenatti started a second Go Fund Me page without letting Daniels know.

According to a federal indictment, the disgraced celebrity lawyer is facing one count of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft.

Federal prosecutors are saying that in August 2018, the gasbag lawyer actually forged Daniels’ signature on a letter that advised her literary agent to deposit advanced money into a bank account that Avenatti controlled. What a piece of crap!

Avenatti allegedly used the money to make payroll in his law firm and a coffee company that he owns, according to federal officials. That was bad enough, but he also spent the money on his extravagant lifestyle like $20 grand on hotels, airfare, restaurants and other expenses, and a $3,900 monthly lease payment for his Ferrari, according to federal authorities.

According to a spokesperson for the Southern District of New York, Daniels is expected to testify against the creepy porn lawyer at the trial.

It is not yet clear when Daniels will testify, but opening statements for the trial are scheduled to begin Monday.

Avenatti, who has been engulfed in multiple legal problems, denied the charges against him in a statement:

“I am completely innocent of these charges. The government is spending millions of dollars to prosecute me for a case that should have never been filed,” he said. I guess he doesn’t believe he forged a signature and took money that didn’t belong to him.

Avenatti got national headlines when he revealed that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money right before the 2016 presidential election to keep her alleged affair with Trump out of the headlines. There was nothing illegal about that. Things like that happen every day in the United States.

Trump denies ever having sex with Daniels. What the Fake News people never talked about was Cohen acted as Trump’s personal lawyer. Many attorneys who work for billionaires are given leeway on how to handle things that their client doesn’t have the time to get involved in. There may or may not have been an affair. It’s a “she said – he said” situation. What we do know is that billionaires get all kinds of schemes launched against them for money all the time. They are a natural target for predators. In many cases, it’s just worth it to get the person to sign an NDA and pay them off rather than go through the legal system because billionaires, at their level, could be damaged by the false accusations even when they win a case in court. I’m not saying that’s what happened here. I’m saying it’s a possibility.

Avenatti got his 15 minutes of fame because at that time the Fake News media was in lockstep with each other and the Democratic Party to get rid of Trump at any cost. Well, that cost was Avenatti’s freedom, because I think his sudden rise in celebrity caused him to do some really stupid things. Not all of them. Most stupid things he did on his own accord.

When he filed a civil suit against Trump seeking to have a court drop a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with Daniels that accompanied the $130,000 payment from Cohen, because Trump never signed the document, that’s when he became a hero to Trump haters everywhere.

Many Fake News hosts at CNN and MSNNBC floated the idea that he should run for president against Trump. That right there speaks volumes to the desperation of the Democrat supporters that the Democrat bench was so low that they would even consider an ambulance-chasing creepy porn lawyer who other than he wanted to hurt Donald Trump, they knew nothing about, to run for president of their party.

And then the floor dropped out underneath Avenatti when he was charged with a number of crimes across the country. He was convicted in New York of trying to extort the shoe company Nike for millions of dollars. He was also charged with failure to pay out to clients monetary awards he got representing them, and a judge ruled he had to pay a former employee, a lawyer, money he owed him that he never paid. That was reportedly in the millions. He also faced two courts on opposite sides of the country for being evicted from his law offices for failure to pay rent.

With all the money he was allegedly bilking from his clients and employees, you have to wonder where his money went each month. Did he have a drug problem or was he just living way above his own means?

His trial in Manhattan federal court is expected to finish up by February 18, a spokesperson for the US Attorney’s Office said.

If Avenatti is convicted on both charges, he faces a maximum of 22 years in prison.

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