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Meghan McCain: Democrats Think Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg Would Make ‘Strong Ticket’ in 2024

Meghan McCain is shocked that Democrats think that a Kamala Harris/Peter Buttigieg ticket would be a great ticket in 2024. They do have a 65% favorability rating if you add their numbers together, but individually Buttigieg is at 37% and Harris is at 28%.

The Democrats would do better if they ran Buggs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Americans still like them. Plus, they are not part of the Biden administration, although sometimes it seems like it.

McCain says if Democrats truly believe that a Harris/Buttigieg ticket could win, they are out of touch with reality. My question to Meghan is when was the last time the Democrats were in a state of reality? For Pete’s sake, the party believes that AOC and Ilhan Omar are credible and intelligent.

In fact, I truly believe that AOC will insert herself into the presidential race. She would be eligible to run or she could try to be a kingmaker and try for a cabinet position.

She was reacting to a recent CNN essay that claimed that the ticket would be a natural for a second Biden term without Biden. That may be true considering how badly Biden is doing in the polls. But, the average Democrat does not want Bide3n to run again, so why would they vote for a ticket that promised to be just like him? Especially Buttigieg who is a smart ass. This weekend he said people wouldn’t have to worry about the price of gas if they drove an electric vehicle. Does he know where electricity comes from?

From The Blaze

The essay says, in part:

When Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, he indicated that she was the future of the Democratic Party. It is natural that other politicians who see themselves as that future might chafe at that. Nonetheless, regardless of how she is viewed by many now, Harris will be a strong frontrunner to succeed Biden. The best way to ensure victory for the party may not be a drawn-out effort to nominate another flawed candidate, but to put together a balanced ticket with two rising Democratic Party stars.

Rising stars?

Meanwhile, Buttigieg also boasts bad polling numbers. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll, for example, found that Buttigieg’s approval rating among likely voters is 37%, while his disapproval rating is 47%.

Turns out, neglecting the border crisis and calling infrastructure racist don’t generate favor among voters. Fortunately for Republicans, if Democrats remain untethered from reality, as McCain suggested, Republicans will cruise to victory in the 2022 midterm elections and 2024 presidential contest.

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