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Censoring Social Media

MEDIA WARS: What is Really Going on With Bannon’s War Room? American Corporatists Want to Return to the ‘Era of Monopoly’- Simple

In her article for The Epoch Times, Apple Punished Employee for Approving App That Was Critical of Beijing, Lawsuit Alleges, Cathy He reports on a lawsuit brought by an Apple employee who alleges his employer punished him for approving an ap that was critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

Consider this: “The history of monopoly pertains to the historical tendency of a successful commercial enterprise to dominate an industry. The practice started during Advanced Industrialization with such companies as Standard Oil and the Carnegie Steel Company.”

From her article:

“The allegations were made by Trieu Pham, a former app reviewer for the tech giant, in a discrimination and wrongful termination suit filed at the Santa Clara, California, Superior Court in December 2019.

In his complaint, Pham states that in 2018, he was criticized by his Apple managers for approving an app by Guo Media because it was “critical of the Chinese government.” Guo Media is a website created by Guo Wengui, a dissident Chinese businessman exiled in the United States and wanted by Beijing on alleged economic crimes, known for making allegations about massive corruption at the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership.

The claims illuminate how the tech giant navigates its relationship with the Chinese regime, which notoriously forces Western firms to comply with censorship and surveillance requirements as a condition of market access. Apple relies heavily on the Chinese market, its third-largest market by revenue.” (Visit Epoch Times for the full article)

The plan identified Pham’s most serious error as approving the Guo Media app, which was forbidden from the Chinese version of Apple’s App Store, according to the lawsuit.

Guo Media, the driving force behind Bannon’s War Room, a powerful number one rated political podcast, was also behind pushing the information about Hunter Biden’s laptop, infuriating the American Propaganda mainstream media, who were devises schemes to bury the story and protect Democrat Joe Biden before the election.

Guo Media and their associates are not just a target of Apple, they are under threat of being censored off the internet.

Steve Bannon, with the help of media entrepreneur John Fredricks, began his podcast during the Impeachment period and was the only news source at the time that spoke directly to the American people, with legitimate news and interviews with lawmakers.

Bannon has been banned on and off social media.

There is no doubt that Bannon, the War Room, Guo media, and all of their partners are focused on dismantling the Chinese Communist Party in China, Hong Kong, and America. Bannon is candid about that, saying he wants the CCP on trial for crimes against humanity in China, so the Chinese people can have some justice.

And Bannon’s Media movement may be the very people who can be successful at getting that trial to fruition.

Bannon, the former Chairman of Breitbart News, has great success with media companies that deliver powerful political messaging, branding, and PR and bold culture-shaping narratives, ones that stoke people into action. Banon has these powerful traits that landed him in the highest offices of power in the world, and he has help from people like the former prosecutor from the lengthy and historic 1980’s case against organized crime, The Pizza Connection, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani is the slayer of crimes with his RICO powers. RICO is nothing more than a monopoly on organized crime. Bookmark that idea of Monopoly.

And the once mighty New York Times is in the mix to discredit Bannon’s new and growing media company, in a final grasp on their fleeting control over the minds of Americans:

The reach that Bannon and Guo have is frightening to the CCP and their associates in the American media; it is a global movement against Communism. Communism is a monopoly. Bannon leads warriors who are united to divide up power and give it back to the people.

The Communist Party is not really built on ideology, they are built on controlling power. They are not magic, they are greedy.

Bannon is stoking the opposite of personal greed: Populism and Nationalism.

So, that is what is really going on, and American Media and Political Moguls want to retain their control.


American history in the early 18th and 19th centuries saw both tremendous growth in liberty as well as bloody conflicts over control of liberty. Those are the roots of the current Nationalist and Populist uprisings, and what Bannon knows well. That is what we are seeing, and Bannon and his associates are lighting brush fires in people’s minds with their media powers and keeping them motivated.

The magnitude of Bannon’s media movement to reach people and unite them is historic. There is a reason why corporatists want to return to an American era of monopoly, very simply because they can’t beat Bannon, and for as much fun as they have made of the man and his media companies, that will be very embarrassing when he is the “King of Media” again.

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