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Media Turn on Biden After Election Bill Defeat, Year One Failures: ‘Epic Losing Streak’; ‘Biden is Failing’

When he was running for president, Joe Biden said that his decades of failed policy in Washington would allow him to bring the country together and heal its wounds. That would allow him to pass meaningful legislation that would benefit all Americans. But, once elected, it became apparent that his policies benefited all Chinese, Russians, Iranians, and illegal aliens, and all Americans were left out in the cold.

It is indeed rare that a president alienates Republicans, moderate Democrats, and full-blown commies all at the same time. But, Biden has managed to do that on his way to a 33% approval rating in the left-leaning  Quinnipiac University poll. Jock itch rates are better than Biden’s. Now, even the mainstream press is piling on that poor old man and his dementia.

Axios’ Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei wrote:

“Biden closes out Year 1 on an epic losing streak.”

“In the two months since signing the $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law, President Biden has by almost every measure bombed big time on the things that matter most. Biden, who marks one year in office next Thursday, has never been less popular nationally, after personally lobbying his party and the public on Build Back Better and voting rights — and failing.” 

“It’s rare for a president to be at odds with Republicans, moderate Democrats, and liberal Democrats — all at once. But that’s where Biden finds himself at the start of an election year that many Democrats believe will result in the loss of the House and maybe the Senate.”

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius has jumped off the Biden bandwagon and he said outright that Biden is failing and admitted that failure isn’t all due to Republican obstruction. Ignatius pointed to the election reform bill and the Build back better bills as Biden’s most shameful losses. But, to be fair, both bills are so outrageous that no Republicans were afraid to vote against them.

Ignatius said:

“It’s time for Biden to ask himself why he’s in this morass. Biden has been losing his way politically. As he chases support from progressives in his own party, he has failed to craft versions of his social spending package and voting rights legislation that he could pass with fragile majorities. He’s been spinning his wheels.”

From The Blaze

In the report, the outlet argued that Biden’s latest setback raises serious questions about his ability to achieve anything of substance legislatively. It also noted that the president’s most recent failure came at the worst time.

“The setback also comes a week before Biden is due to mark his first year in office, a moment typically devoted to celebrating the president’s successes over the past year. But year one triumphs are likely to be overshadowed by the president’s recent shortfalls,” the report read.

USA Today quoted David Cohen, a political science professor at the University of Akron, saying, “It’s terribly embarrassing to the prestige of his presidency” and “devastating” to his agenda.

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